Welcome to our returning members!

You may notice that the site looks different than you remembered. A lot has changed. The site has been rebuilt from the ground up using a much more modern and mobile friendly community platform called Discourse. To help get you started, here’s some quick info about some useful features on the new site. I’d also encourage you to take a read of the new vision for the site here: The Reincarnation of Pen & Paper Games.

Bookmarking interesting / useful posts

First thing I will suggest is to add a bookmark to this page so that you can come back to it as often as you need. You can add a bookmark to any page by clicking the ellipse (…) next to the “Reply” button below and then clicking the bookmark icon. You can then find this post again at any time by clicking your profile picture at the top right and then going to the bookmark tab.

Categories and Tags

I’m starting us off with a relatively limited number of forums. I think our old site had dozens of forums and sub-forums. Many of those were largely unused. For now, we have some very broad categories like RPGs, Strategy / Miniatures, Gaming Advice, and of course an off-topic catch all forum, OOC. We can certainly add more as the need arises though.

When you’re posting in the gaming categories, I’d recommend adding a tag for the game system and/or genre your post is about, if applicable. You can do that by clicking the “optional tags” below your subject line.

You can find a list of all the usable tags, nicely categorized here or by clicking the hamburger icon at the top right and “Tags”

Note: Not all tags are available in all categories. System and Genre tags, for instance, are only available when posting in the gaming forums (not OOC).

Want to find other players or games in your area?

Just like the old site, we have an integrated tool that makes it easy for you to find other players and campaigns going on in your area.

Follow Your Friends

Would you like to setup a feed to see your friends posts all in once place? Maybe you really want to keep up with a particular publisher who visits the site. You can do that by clicking on their profile pic and then “Follow”. Their posts will then show up under “Followed” on the main page.

You can manage your follow list (and see who is following you) by clicking your profile pic at the top right, clicking Preferences > Summary > Follows. Or, just click here.

Live Chat

The new community platform includes Live Chat that will let you communicate with anyone on the site in real time both in public channels and privately. You can access that feature by clicking the chat bubble at the top right of the screen.

The Trust System

You may have already have noticed something about the “Trust System” as you were setting up your account. In a nutshell, that is a way to help reduce spam and other disruptive actors who might join the site. Your trust level will increase as you participate on the site and as others interact with you by give your posts “likes”. For our original members, your personal invitation should have automatically granted you Level 1. If it didn’t, please let me know.

Be sure to give a “Like” to your fellow posters as well to help them build their trust level up.



Your trust system section mentions being granted “level 1”… how would I identify that? My profile says “Basic user” I believe, but I have the founder badge, which seems in order? hard to tell.

Like the new look and design of the site - seems to make sense to me in the modern era.


Good question. “Basic” is the Level 1. Not a great name. I’ll have to see if I can change that.

The levels go:
0 - New User
1 - Basic User
2 - Member
3 - Regular
4 - Leader

I’m changing the trust level for Founders to Member now.


Heh heh, you should do Basic, Expert, Companion, Master, Immortal :wink:
Either way, it looks like DISCOURSE will take a bit of getting used to. Thanks for the invite.


Man, it has been a long while since I even went on the old site. Loving the new look though. Finding groups and players that stay has been hard. Indoctrination of my regular friends into tabletop worlds didn’t pan out as I had hoped. Looking forward to trying this new site out!


I have to admit I never made much use of the old site after signing up, but the dilution of my other online groups by social media has left me wanting something like this. Thanks for the new effort!
I’ve never used this platform before, but I like the way it works so far.


It’s good to see this forum come back to life! I haven’t been active in any online communities for a long time, but I’m getting settled into a new home (Arkansas), and I am running an online Rules Cyclopedia (1991) via Discord for an old friend from my original (1980) gaming group! Looking forward to the variety of discussions to come!


Very nice to see this forum reincarnated. Glad to be here. Looking forward to how this all develops and evolves.


Cool! Can’t wait to Scott around and see all the new stuff. This covers the Explore pillar. Now, you just need Role Play and Combat.


Glad to see this site come back. I’ll have to try to be more active than last time.


I’m glad that you brought this site back man.


Thanks for reincarnating this. I’m hoping to get more involved with the broader RPG community in 2023.


Just gotta say, the new site looks fantastic. :+1:t4:


Very excited about the new site! The streamlining in the forum will be very nice and I like the interface here!


Happy to be welcomed back as well. I would drop in from time to time but never was very active, I’ll try and remedy that here.


Hello community it’s been a while. Thanks for the invite. Been wanting to get back into DnD a while now, and with Elden Ring about to sweep the game awards be pretty cool to run or join an Elden Ring style game. Currently using 5e, haven’t tried DnD One yet. Either way I’m in the southeast USA.


Great to have the site back. I had a lot of content back then and I need a place for all my new stuff to post and promote.


Great looking redesign! Glad you brought this back.