About the Looking for Group category

Looking for a group in your area? You can post here to have yourself added to the Game Finder Map!

Tips for posting in this category

  • Use your username and the type of game you are looking for as your title, such as “Farcaster - Looking for Savage Worlds Fantasy Game”
  • Add tags to your post to make it easier for GMs to search and filter on. A list of tags can be found here: P&PG Tags. At minimum, you should include tags for at least the genres (eg. Fantasy, Horror) and systems (eg. dnd-5e, savage-worlds, gurps) you are interested in.
  • When you create a new post in the Looking for Group section, you’ll be given a template with prompts for some basic information. Feel free to use this or not, it’s really just to help you. The more specific information you include in your post about the type of game you are looking for and your schedule, the more likely a GM will be able to figure out if you’re a good potential player to reach out to.
  • Use the “Add Location” button to have your post show up on the Game Finder Map.

About adding your location

  • When you click on the “Add Location” button, a new window will pop up that prompts you for the street, postal code, city, and country.
  • IMPORTANT: You do not have to provide your specific street address! And in fact, you shouldn’t, as whatever you include in your post WILL be shared publicly. Simply using the zip-code or even the City and State would be sufficient.
  • Once you have filled out the address boxes, click the “Find Address” button and then select the location that correctly reflects your location.
  • Click Done and you should now see the location added to your post.

Nice! This will be quite handy.

Is this only intending for seeking in-person/local games? Or should this be used to put together online games (such as discord games)?

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You can use it for online as well. I’ll be sure to add a tag for that too to help people find that. For now, you can put “Online” in the title to help people find it.