Hey all! :wave: I’m Siwy (Siwyenbast is my full screen name). I’ve been doing the TTRPG since 2004, when I first ran into a BESM d20 game at the original Oni-Con. I’ve already filled out my profile, so there’s that, but as a heads up, I am an autistic person. I’m from the Houston area (west side).
I’m also an aspiring SFF author and am currently working on a superhero story.

When it comes to gaming, I prefer story above most else. It has equal footing with player agency, imo. Player safety is above those two, but that’s my LARP side peeking out.

As for what systems I play, I mostly get into a few, listed here:

D&D 5e
World of Darkness (WtA, MtA, MtR)
Chronicles of Darkness (CtL)
Mutants and Masterminds 3e
BESM d20 and 3e
Champions (if someone helps me with the math)

And I’ve been known to text roleplay on forums as well. It’s an old hobby of my youth that I like to revisit sometimes.

Now, I mostly play these, but if my schedule allows, I can run stuff after my current deadline’s done with for my story. If I end up doing a MtR game, though, prepare for my Egyptology side to gut the metaplot background stuff of oWoD and replace it with more historically accurate stuff. I also use the X card and the check-in system to make sure that my players are comfortable.

I’m probably going to be scarce for a bit, because writing, but I’ll keep tabs on this place off and on.


Hi bluesguy! My father - a mechanical engineer - was a SF fan as well. He had stacks of SF novels and magazines dating back into the '30s that I read and loved. We bonded tightly over a shared love of SF!

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Hi Spindrift! Interesting set of games! I also see you are also a friend of Levi Kornelsen! Welcome aboard!

Long time no see. I played a few sessions with you when you were testing StarCluster2 (IIRC).

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Hello everyone ! It has been a long time since I was involved with the older incarnation of PPG. Glad to see it resurface.

I like games ! Always have. Real life gets in the way. I have shelves of un-played or under-played games.

Some of my games (both RPG and Wargames) that need more play time:
Savage Worlds
Interface Zero
Stars Without Number


Hi Saxinus! My, that was almost 20 years ago! Good to see you! StarCluster is up to 4 now - has been for like 5 years!

Hello everyone! I’m Stormdancer, and I’ve been doing RPG in one form or another since the mid 90’s, which still doesn’t feel that long ago. I am pretty much a forever player, though I have given some thought to perhaps running a game at some point. I used to do a well, I guess I’d call it a freeform RPG, in which I’d created portions of a world. I call it freeform because there weren’t really any rules, just several people writing as different characters and interacting with each other to tell a story. I’ve written a few short stories based off of my characters in that world, and recently I’ve been working on expanding it and hopefully turning it into a playable TTRPG world in the future.

Right now I’m having fun playing in three different campaigns with a large group of friends: Wildemount, Midgard, and Drakkenheim. Two of them have clerics and I branched out and made a Rogue for the third one. lol My friends like to tease me a bit since I typically go for the cleric.

Very glad to see this site back up and running!


Great to see everyone, and a few familiar names!

I’m Craig and, like many of you, have been at it since the early 80s and the red box set.

D&D and gaming in general have stamped the course of my life. I’ve worked in the video games industry for over two decades now and it’s all due to the RPGs we all enjoy. I’m so thankful for that. My proudest achievement as a gamer is the fact that my kids are now adults and play RPGs as well!

Forever DM with nothing but joy in that. I mostly run D&D and tend to blend in a path that allows for typical adventure, intrigue, and a mix of rules that make political and nation level games a possibility for my friends.

I’m looking forward to reconnecting with everyone!


Heya, @Siwyenbast, just curious, did you participate in NaNoWriMo this year? I gave it a try bet fell well short of the 50k target. Still, it did spur me into action to actually start writing.

I hear you there, the naugties and teens just flew past.

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Hello. I got started with a second-hand set of the Little Brown Books in '76, my wife got started with AD&D 2E. I’ve been recovering/rebuilding after a long, nasty chronic illness. Made it over 6 months with almost no symptoms so far. Just started revising, reworking a bunch of stuff left-over from our blog and other projects and was wondering about what social media to look into. Very pleased to see PPG reincarnated. Have a great day everyone! Enjoy life, roll the dice, and Have Fun!!


Keep getting better man.

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Another new old guy here from the old site. I really hope this picks up steam!


Hi everyone! I’ve been playing PnP RPGs since the 1990s when I was first introduced to AD&D 2E. I was a bit late entering the hobby owing to my childhood being in a tiny, isolated, and conservative village with no knowledge of the EXISTENCE of D&D until I had just entered my 20s. Still, I readily took to it and it has become a lifelong hobby ever since.

I’ve played dozens of systems, both mainstream and indie. I have eclectic tastes in general, so I’ve never shied away from trying something new. I’m currently running a Pathfinder 1E game in a home brew setting I created just for that campaign. I mostly GM and when I do so it is 99% of the time in a home brew setting. I don’t dislike the published ones, but I do prefer inventing the world as I GM it.

I’ve dabbled in RPG publishing a few times, but nothing of any noteworthy result. I have been told several times over the years that I should publish my primary home brew fantasy setting of 20+ years, but to be honest, I can’t imagine it being any better than any one of the many settings already available.

What else to say… I’m married with two young boys (I also started my family late) and I live in Newfoundland, Canada, so be thankful this is a text based forum and you don’t have to wade through my “Pirates of the Caribbean” sounding accent! :smile:


Hey there,

Been away from the game a long time, but found a good group and recently started up again.
Playing Blades in the Dark and Delta Green on Roll20.
Running Earthdawn 4E on FoundryVTT.

Storied history with many games, including AD&D2E, Cyberpunk 2020, Deadlands, Call of Cthulhu, Earthdawn 1E, etc.

Glad to be here. Nice to be back.


I’m a transplant from the old site (by which I was able to connect to a couple of groups over the years). I’m located in the Wilds of Northern Michigan (near the tip o’ the mitt) which presents a number of challenges when trying to put together a group.

The list of RPG systems I’ve played over the centur– er, years is… long… though not as long as the number I own.

Looking forward to seeing how things pan out here. :alien:


Teagus here, I’ve been trying to shake off the cobwebs lately. I retired early when my wife’s health took a turn and figured ill have plenty of time to game once were settled. then covid came to visit so now its been 5 years and I finally have time haha.

My first true tabletop experience was when I got Heroquest for my 11th birthday. it was years later in high school that I even knew d&d existed when I came across a few acquaintances playing in the library. At the time I was heavy into magic and didn’t really think that type of gaming could be fun. sadly it wasn’t until my late 20’s that I really got into pen and paper games. D&D 3.5 was my first campaign I participated in. It was a lot of fun until the gm moved away and left me searching for more.

That was when I found my first true love, Anima beyond fantasy, id played the tactics game for a few years when I found the first book. Took me months of study to memorize most of the core rules though I generally run it a bit mod it a bit to speed up some mechanics. you can do anything but it can take a few hours just to make a new character if you know what your doing.

A good friend of mine also got me into iron kingdoms when it came out, he was a pressgang member for privateer press running our warmachine group. For me Iron kingdom’s is a close second in my top 3. I’ve mostly been a player with this one only running the first half a campaign before I had to retire.

The final in my top 3 fav’s would be the age system. when I build a campaign its always from scratch in a new world for my group, the age system is very modular and makes for very easy homebrew mechanics to be implemented. I’ve run this one the most out of my favorites, running events at gencon and a few others near the Seattle area.


Howdy Y’all.

I started in Basic D&D when I first caught sight of a large boxed set of lead miniatures. 3 marriages, 4 daughters, 40 million grey hairs, and one possum later, I still remember that feeling.

I am retired from construction, and currently draw 3D models of construction (dungeons, castles, mazes fall in this category). I also like fantasy cartography.
A sample drawn in Revit: Joe’s Tavern, on the Ethereal

I currently maintain a guild on the DDO-Thelanis server, and both Ally/Horde guilds on WoW-Agamaggan.

I currently game a modified 3.5SRD with epics, mixed with the Dark City/Heiro’s Journey genre. Talislanta is another favorite.

Melancholy Jack
Chief Scribe
Adventurers Guild, Midway

D&D (Basic-BEST, 2nd, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, Epics)
Gamma World (All versions aside from that color chart nonsense)
...but the best of all is Mertwig's Maze.

There are a full set of plans for this building, with battlemaps available for download; contribution to the gaming community.
Download Link for the PDF is at the bottom.

Greeetings, I too I guess qualify as an old school gamer, having started playing D&D in 1982 when my friend George bought the Basic Set and made me game with him.

Since then I have played and run many campaigns, and used many different systems, from Gamma world, shadowrun, cyberpunk, battletech/mechwarrior,fantasy hero, GURPS , etc etc etc etc

Had an account on the old website, so when I saw the invite in my old spam email so I thought I’d check and see what’s goingn in here.