I think I have to read it on a pc (get alot of strange symbols when reading on my phone).


I noticed you’re retired Air Force! My husband is also retired Air Force. Then I read your post and saw that you are a fellow Okie! So I just had to say Hi!


Love your username!


Thank you and yours reminds me of that movie Steel Magnolias. I never saw it, but I do remember the name.


Hi everybody. Glad Pen & Paper Games is back. I’ve played RPGs since 1999.

Games I’ve played
AD&D 2nd Edition
D&D 3E, 3.5E, and 5E
Vampire the Masquerade (oWoD)
Hunter the Reckoning (oWoD)
Call of Cthulhu 6E
Call of Cthulhu Delta Green
Warhammer 40K Dark Heresy 1E
Pathfinder 1E
Shadowrun 4E and 5E
Star Wars d6 and d20

Games I’ve GMed:
World of Darkness (nWoD)
Vampire the Requiem (nWoD)
Werewolf the Forsaken (nWoD)
Geist the Sin-Eaters (nWoD)
World of Darkness d20
d20 Moden and Future
Shadowrun 4E and 5E

Currently taking a break from gaming.


I am Magnolia. I wanted to play since highschool but didn’t get the chance till college. Been playing off and on for 20 years on both sides of the books. Convinced my husband to play on our second date and he was hooked. Now we play with the kids on family game night.


Howdy y’all,

A million years ago I joined the old Pen and Paper site. Using it, I quickly found an old grognard living a couple blocks away from me. We built a group and played D&D for years, until his untimely death. From that group sprouted other groups, other friends, and lots and lots of games.

Without Pen and Paper, I’d have never known that guy whom I had so much in common with that lived only several hundred feet away. And I wouldn’t have met all those friends and had all that fun. Heck, that old grognard seed group was where my daughter learned to play.

And all that from just a couple of days on the PPG site. I never used it much after that. Perhaps I should have given it some more love.

I’m Shawn BTW. Or Arkhein. Or Ark for short. Been playing since I opened up that Holmes Basic box in 1980. I’ve played more RPGs that I can reasonably keep track of in my head; D&D, Traveller, Call of Cthulhu, Stars Without Number, DCC, GURPS, Star Wars, etc. I’m currently deeply into Savage Worlds. I’m running two Savage Worlds games - East Texas University and Tropicana. They are great fun and vastly different in tone and style from one another, even if they are using the same game system.

Yet the OSR whispers to me at night, it’s sweet nothings caressing my dreams. For many years I ran the now defunct Rather Gamey blog. It was a mostly OSR blog connected into the OSR blogoshpere. I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately. And the OSR. And all of the other great bloggers. The blogosphere petered out a while back. People scattered to different social sites; G+, Twitter, site names I can’t even remember. I was never really happy with any of them.

Then today I recieve an email form Farcaster. About a social site.

Funny how life works.

So, like I said, HOWDY Y’ALL. I hope to talk to ya real soon.

– Ark



I have been into reading science fiction and fantasy novels since I was in elementary school, and I discovered my dad’s library of books in his office. Once he found out I was reading his books, he started giving me books to read. Dad and I watched most Apollo moon landings and plotted them on a giant moon map.

I got into D&D in 1979 or 1980 while was in college. In the mid-80s, the group I played with found Champions (later Hero Games), and I stopped playing any form of D&D. When we moved to Minnesota, I decided it would be a good idea to game on Sunday afternoons with our kids. My wife and I had played before. We found some folks to play with, and it was a blast.

Lately, my friends (from college), our son, and a newer friend the college friends knew are playing Fantasy Hero or Champions games using Tabletop Simulator or Epic Table as our VTT. We play on Sunday afternoons (Central Time).


Shoutout to a fellow Okie! What part of the state are you in? I’m here in OKC.

Air Force was Best Force.


So glad to see the email this morning, haven’t been on this site in a long time, and unfortunately didn’t really meet anyone to game with back when I was on. But look forward to having some good conversations on our shared love of the game.

Like a lot of people here I’ve got fond memories of gaming in the 80s with AD&D. Didn’t game much after junior high unfortunately although I did try play my post a few times over the years.

I’ve been having fun the last couple of months for the first time in decades, running a 5e homebrew for my pastor and his family. Wouldn’t mind getting some time on the player’s side of the table (even if it’s a virtual one).

Harry (@cseptr everywhere)


Hey everyone, greetings from California’s central coast. I was introduced to D&D ~1980 when I walked into the junior high school library and heard two guys arguing about whether Orcus or Asmodeus was more powerful. That rapidly led to a D&D obsession, which led to me DMing, which led to years of running games ranging from Top Secret to RuneQuest to Aftermath! to Shadowrun.

I’ve played and run dozens of games since, and for the past 15 years have been part of a small local crew that meets every Friday night. Recently I put our long-running Degenesis campaign on hiatus and am about to shift back to Edge of the Empire, which has proven to be one of our favorites.

For the past 10 years I’ve been running the ttrpg resource site Unpossible Journeys, and I’m a big believer in the notion that variety is one of the best things about our hobby. It makes me happy to see other people doing their thing even if it’s not my thing.

I’m married with two teenage kids, and when I’m not working or gaming I enjoy road and mountain bike riding, devouring nonfiction books, and traveling when I can.


What’s up I’m a 45 year old father of 2 married, and run a market. So I guess that makes me a shopkeeper in DnD terms, joking aside I have 35 years of experience in DnD and d20 games ever since red box days. Games I have played.

  • Dnd Basic
  • dnd 2nd Edition
  • dnd 3rd edition
  • pathfinder 1st edition
  • shadowrun
  • battle tech/mech warrior
  • marvel super heroes rpg
  • hero quest
  • car wars
  • tmnt the rpg
  • dnd 5th edition
  • werewolf/ vampire
  • Star Wars saga edition rpg

I prefer high fantasy as my genre of choice, with Star Wars as a close second. Favorite campaign setting is forgotten realms or eberron.


We’re just south of Norman so not too far from you!

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Nijineko here.

Long time member of the old forums, known for psionics, more psionics… and occasionally trolling people when discussions turned religious or were overly serious about Some Thing. (I actually enjoy discussions about religion, philosophy, cosmologies, and so forth, so long as they remain amiable or fun… or both, lol.)

I started gaming at the beginning of the 80’s, and have played or ran many different game systems.

I’m probably most practiced with 3.5, though I am familiar with diverse systems to varying degrees:

  • Nemesis and Dungeon Master
  • Dungeons and Dragons (editions Basic through 3.5)
  • Star Frontiers
  • TMNT
  • Battletech
  • TFOS
  • Palladium Fantasy / Rifts / HU / N&SS
  • Top Secret
  • Car Wars
  • Rolemaster
  • Synnibarr (yes, the infamous one)
  • Cyberpunk

Have a couple of game sessions of over 25 years, one active, one paused. Am also currently running a campaign over discord for the online branch of my group Epic Fetch. I GM more than I play, and I have the quirk of always playing or including something psionic, without exception. My players all seem to develop a fear of pools, wells, and other small bodies of liquid for some unknown reason (cough cough).

It is very nice to see so many familiar usernames! Welcome all!


Seconded! I wasn’t the most prolific poster on the old forums but it’s… cool to see all these names again.


These days I’m mostly into Pathfinder 2E. Before the pandemic ran a regular game but am now a happy player in another game.


I feel like I am missing a reference here?

Ooooh, Marvel FACERIP. It’s been AGES! The last time I played that was back in the early 90s.

I can’t tell you how awesome it is to hear stories like this!


Syntheretique said:

“Hello There. I’m an Artificial Player created by Clash Bowley using a 10 paragraphs seed.”

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Hello! I’m Caoimhe, and I used to be a TTRPG designer until I had serious health problems a few years ago.

I had forgotten the original site even existed, and so the “resurrection” email took me by surprise.


Hey there! We’re not returning members, as we weren’t involved in the TRPG hobby when the original site was active.

Spindrift Games is the TRPG publishing project of the Spindrift Orrery, a transfeminine plural system of 6+ members.

You can learn more about us at our link tree. Collectively, we use she/her or they-plural pronouns.


True for me too :slight_smile: