I am an aging SF fan with too much time on his hands. I was born along with the space age. I saw every lift-off, major event, and splash-down of the first age of Space Exploration as it was happening. I know where I was when Kennedy was killed, and when Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin walked on the moon. I hope in my heart to live long enough to remember where I was when man sets foot on Mars.

My hobbies include folk music, including that thing called Filk. I have played AD&D and D&D in some form since 1976 (no not one session), and I am crazy over the work of [Anne McCaffery, Robert_A._Heinlein, [Isaac_Asimov, and Arthur C. Clarke among other authors. I have also met two of the four, you guess which two. I am a lifetime Star Trek fan.

The Thindacarulle Campaign has run since 1976. What you get is a very deep lore and world when you run for 45+ years.


Welcome back, Tesral! Good idea on the introductions.

As for me, I guess I’m starting to get up there in years too. I got my start in roleplaying games at the tender age of 12, some 30+ years ago. I had been playing Bards Tale on the Commodore 64, and my stepfather suggested I check out this pen and paper game called Dungeons & Dragons. I was dubious, since it was stepdad who was suggesting it, but I checked it out anyway.

I picked up the infamous Red Box set and ran the intro campaign for my ‘babysitter’ whose character promptly died to a carrion crawler in the very first encounter of the game. An auspicious start, but I really liked the idea of it. It was much harder to find people to play with back then, but eventually I talked a couple friends into trying it out, and voila, a lifelong hobby was born.

From the beginning, I have almost exclusively GM’d, and I’ve run a who variety of games from D&D through all of its various editions including Pathfinder, Marvel Super Heroes, Star Trek, GURPS, World of Darkness, Star Finder, and my latest favorite, Savage Worlds. Whatever I run tends toward being a “tad” dark. My players like to say that there are no good choices in my games, just less horrible ones. :wink:

My current campaign is a Star Wars game set in the decade before the Battle of Yavin. A really dark period and the height of the Empire, just before the Rebels series, if you’re familiar with that. It’s also the very first campaign that I ran post-pandemic and it has been entirely online using Foundry VTT, which I could not recommend strongly enough. It was weird at first not being in-person, but the upshot is that everyone REALLY loves Foundry.

Next up might be another World of Darkness game. We’ll see.


I am clash bowley. My main love in gaming is SF, and I design and publish games under the Flying Mice Games label of the Better Mousetrap consortium. My big game series are StarCluster4, BloodGames4, and In Harm’s Way. I also produce one off niche games like The Tools of Ignorance, a baseball RPG, and High Strung, a music RPG.
I am also a musician with over 30 albums of original music available.
I am not here to spam. I am hear to talk about games and learn from you all!
Oh! I am currently running a A BloodGames4/Outremer game, a BloodGames4/CradleOfWyrms game, a StarCluster4 game which is still going since 2002, and playing in a D&D 5E game, and in a Cyberpunkish game.


Good day to you all! I started playing D&D in the early 80s and have been an avid gamer ever since. Our group normally plays on Roll20 now-a-days and we mostly play a mix of D&D 5e and Hero System (Super Heroes, Star Wars, and several other genres). We do sometimes try other systems just for fun.

I have spent most of my gaming career as a GM, but love to be a player too. Luckily in our group we have a few people who GM so we all get the chance to be a player.

Anyway, happy to be back, and hope to see you all online.

Happy Gaming!


I guess I’ll go since I just signed up.

I am glad to see to see that I’m in the company of many ‘old’ gamers. I started playing at age 12 with the Red Box, which means I’ve been gaming for 43 years. Yeah, a long time. I’ve mostly been a GM.

A few years ago, I decided to start publishing some of my stuff. Since then I’ve been a SWAG Award winner, and I have credits with Gun Metal Games, Dog House Rules, Just Insert Imagination, and Odd Bard Games to name a few. (My name is in a Pinnacle publication, but I really didn’t deserve it. Thank you, though.)

I’m currently only running games online. It’s easier and I can run during the week. I’d run in person again if the opportunity presented itself. I’m out of Tampa, Florida, by the way.

I guess I’m most interested in finding a game to PLAY in, since I’ve done almost all GMing for the last 15 years or so. Hard to find a (good) GM.

Games I’ve run: D&D (Red Box to 5e), Shadowrun 1-3, Champions, Villains and Vigilantes, Savage Worlds (many settings but love Deadlands the most), Low Fantasy Gaming, GURPS, Star Frontiers, Paranoia, Mutants and Masterminds (1-3), Low Fantasy Gaming, Shadow of the Demon Lord, Dungeon World, ICONS, Wicked Ones, Blades in the Dark, City of Mist, and many, many others.

Games I own: Too many to list.

Good gaming!



I’m playing RPGs for over38 years. I started with the FF games from Steve Jackson & Ian Livingstone. My first RPG book was the hardcover of Warhammer (simply because it was the thickest book available in the store). I run and played in many long-running campaigns. Games I ran are WFRP Chaos campaign, Star Trek and Star Wars.

Lately I’m only playing in a single campaign and trying to write a ruleset for Stars Wars based on GURPS 4E (called Star Wars TRPG).


Been playing tabletop since they saved me from myself in high school. I have played oWoD, NWoD and was a card carrying Camarilla member before I moved on to D&D, Exalted and Shadowrun.

I love model making and have recently discovered a love of cosplay and prop making.

My passion is storytelling and bringing misfits together. I am trying to bring storytelling to Trovo and stream Fantasy Ground on Sundays. I plan to stream cosplay/prop making to help players and DMs bring more magic to their tables and games.


Hello I’m Shoshie and I paint miniatures (both gaming and display minis) professionally. I’ve been a gaming nerd for most of my life. I am also an “Old gamer” I think if you’ve been gaming since the 80’s that should count. I really enjoy most types of Fantasy and some Sci-Fi Fantasy (Like Shadowrun) games. I am not the best at preparing for games other than one-shots so for the most part I only play. I’ve been having a hankering to play in an RPG again since it’s probably been since before covid since the last time I was able to.


Hey all, you don’t know how happy I am to see this site reborn from the ashes… believe it or not, but the old site (indirectly) completely changed my life around!

I used to play D&D (BECMI/2nd AD&D) and Rifts/TMNT/Heroes Unlimited back in HS (1990) until I joined the Navy in 1992. I stayed in for 20 years, but rarely gamed (hard to do so when everyone keeps moving every few years). I retired in 2012, right around the time I found an awesome gaming group through P&P v1.0. That group heavily influenced my decision to stay in the Hampton Roads area of VA, and had I not stuck around I would have never met the love of my life. We’re celebrating our 7th year anniversary this month :smiley:

Right now I’m GMing a (kinda) weekly Starfinder campaign, about to start a bi-weekly Pathfinder game (planning to alternate SF/PF every other week), and play in a separate Rifts campaign. I’ve also played some GURPS, and some PF2 (like the former well enough but can’t say I’m a fan of the latter), but honestly I’m up for trying my hand at just about any RPG (except for the obvious ones, e.g. FATAL).

As my username says, I work in IT, but while I was in the Navy I was an Electronics Technician, aka “twidget.” So between that and my RPG interests I’m definitely a geek lol!


Hello gamer peeps, I’m Chris.
RPGing since the 80s, DMing since 92-ish? I think? Maybe 93?
I like to play, but I’m a forever DM now because I also feel compelled to make huge terrain set pieces, real life size prop handouts, and paint hundreds of miniatures, which players really love.
I am on a real world quest to remove the tired old stereotype of the “loser in moms basement” and show people that gamers can have class and sophistication without breaking the bank.
Currently running a 2 PC murder mystery game (DnD5e), which is a lot different than I thought it would be. Might have to write some articles about it. Been super challenging vs a “normal” table of 4-6 players. I’ve learned a lot in just a couple months, especially about how broken CR is for a 2 PC party.


o7 hi everybody! My name’s Wes, I live in Ohio, married with three dogs, and I’ve been playing ttrpgs since I was 9 so like 30 years next year. Started with WEG d6 Star Wars actually, but I’ve played a loooot of games. I begrudgingly play 5e (after playing exclusively that since 2018, it’s really exhausting lol), but lately I’ve gotten my weekly group into Avatar Legends, which is super cool. I love PbtA games especially AL, Monster of the Week, and Brindlewood Bay. My dream is to work as a writer in the rpg industry and maybe finish one of these dozens of stupid little games I’ve got half-finished and post them over on itch.


Howdy everyone and Robert,

I missed ya Robert. :slight_smile:

I’m an author with a Hero System setting book that’s awaiting being published. I’m currently working on my own version of AD&D 2E and a campaign setting to go with it.

I have been involved in RPGs since 1984 and pretty much played all the old school systems.


@AzagThoth, I’ve been doing something similar with Savage Worlds. If you ever want to try that system out, there’s already a fan created adaptation for it that’s pretty good.


Wow! Congrats, @TwidgetITGuy! That is really awesome to hear. The group I play with today are almost all folks I met on P&PG v1.0 as you call it. It really helped me find a whole new group of friends when I moved here to Seattle.

I bet. I imagine the group dynamics are completely different as well.


Hey everyone! Glad to see PPG rise again! I’m Rory and the group I used to play in began a bit later in life than some of you. We were turned on to the boxed sets by a friend around 1985 or so when we were all mostly in our mid-20’s. We graduated to AD&D pretty quickly, then onto AD&D 2E when it was released.

I was most often the GM as I had more time than the rest to put in the effort to create scenarios and a campaign. As life unfolded, different people were pulled different directions. I was briefly part of an AD&D 3E group that was a lot of fun, but again, life happened. I haven’t played FTF since mid-2000 and have very limited online experience playing through VTT/chat clients/etc.

I would love to play again but I am in an area where the people my age are pretty much not interested in RPG’s anymore and the younger ones are into the newest version of DYD, which I really don’t care for. Plus I would really like to not have to learn new tech to run and/or play games. (I’m a “grumpy old man,” what can I say?)

I’d be interested in playing in other game genres as well: horror, sci-fi, dystopian. I’m retired and have some other activities going on, but getting back into playing is really high on my list of things I would like to do.


Hello everyone! I started out playing AD&D 2e in high school and have played every iteration since. I also love Sci-Fi and Horror games but have only been able to convince my groups to play them as one/two-shots. :smiling_face_with_tear: I’m currently introducing the group I DM online to OSE and play in a 5e game in person. I love trying out new systems and play styles but dungeon crawling will always have a special place in my heart.


Good to see this site reborn!

I started with the Basic and Expert box sets of DnD back in the early 80’s. Played Twilight 2000 and Paranoia in the late 80s. Then life happened, and I dropped out of gaming until the late 2000’s when the local game store here in Oklahoma City was running D&D Adventure League for new players. Got back in with a great group, and we played a couple of campaigns. I DM’ed “Hoard of the Dragon Queen” for a group in Minnesota and California while I was living there. Now back home in Oklahoma. My kids want me to run them through Lost Mines of Phandelver. Looking to get involved in a game here in town. Buddy of mine is trying to get me into Star Wars, so I ordered the Core Rules for Age of Rebellion, that arrives in a few weeks.


Wow - nice to see so many old-timers! I’m one of you, having been gaming (largely D&D/Pathfinder) since the '70s when there were no versions. I even still own a box set from back in the day - a gift still in its original shrink wrap (the first color-box set).

Let’s see if I can get a picture in here…

Anyway, I’m still gaming (D&D5/Pathfinder1) into my 50’s and loving every minute of it!


Hey peeps! Happy to be here on Reincarnation Day!

I’m Flash, and I’m a forever DM. I’ve run games in every version of D&D, as well as old WoD. I also love painting miniatures that I never get to use since everything is online now!

I’m currently gearing up to run a homebrew Legend of Zelda campaign in Savage Worlds.

Nice to meet everyone, and I look forward to being part of the PPG community!


Greetings! Also an old-timer. I’ve been gaming for 43 years and running games for 42 years. Yikes!

My name is Wayne and I’m in Illinois now. Thanks for the re-invite!

My absolute favorite system is Rolemaster though I haven’t gotten to play or run it in over 25 years. Right now, I’m running 5e, Savage Pathfinder, Traveller, and Delta Green campaigns. And I play in a Pathfinder 1e game for another month or so.

I hope to be active here and get to know people.