A Game Master's Work is Never Done

I have been working. Sometimes physically. I have been pouring out the skull sweat over the Random Race & Culture Generator I first built in 2016. Suggestions by my fellow forum members have been a great help. Feedback does work. I keep updating it. I never did use journaling for version numbers. Hey, I mostly work alone, in the dark, by the wane light of the LCD panels, in a fifth floor garret, dodging bats. Okay, okay the garret and bats are a stretch.

The second thing has been physical. I drooped the cash on a game mat sized version of the RZS Helen. A 32 gun adventurer flying ship of my design. Thank you @TwoGunBob for the suggestion of PosterBurner.com. They did a good job of the ship without breaking my bank. The posters were cut up the ship decks glued to quarter inch plywood and cut out with my jigsaw. I sanded the edges and I’m currently putting clear coat on the wood. I was going to mod podge on the thing but my Wife pointed out that water based coating on a inkjet printout might not be a good idea. Polyurethane it is. I’ll post pictures when I’m done with the paint.

I considered building this as a model, with each deck coming off. The result would have been a four foot monster. I have a 50 foot cog build exactly this way. The problem with the model is then I have it and have to store the thing someplace. I settled for flats. I’ll see about a 1/1000 model. My flying ships page An orthographic of the Helen is there.

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A reply rather than edit so people will see it. The Ship flats are finished. The ZRS Helen. Paper on plywood. Top to bottom, poop deck, main deck, berth deck, gun deck, machine deck and “in use”.

Once again shout out to @TwoGunBob, for the poster company. Without that it would not have gotten done.

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Very nice!