The Reincarnation of Pen & Paper Games

There might be some worth in them. I was thinking more the download resources. I enjoyed contributing to that.

Riiight… it has been so long I forgot about that section!

It’s good to see Pen & Paper back. It’s a sharp look, and I like the vision.

I shudder to think of the amount of rare oils and unguents that were consumed for this reincarnation.

Not to mention magic blue smoke.

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@Farcaster, are we going ot get a download area? Upload is rather implied.

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What kind of files are you hoping to upload? PDFs and such?

The very. Some ODF as well that can be edited. Gaming resources all, and not just me I would hope.

@tesral, I’ve created a #community-resources section that you can now upload PDFs and ODFs to as requested.


Hate to me a pain, but odf and odt are needed. The latter is the defaut text document in libre and open office. My bad. I miss informed.

Done. ODT added.


I am so, SO happy to see P&PG back in action.

I stopped using social media years ago, and with it went a lot of my TTRPG connections. This site fills a great need in my hobby. Further, it’s been fun just recognizing some of the names and avatars from the original site! (Looking at you @tesral and @nijineko)

@Farcaster - Thanks for doing this.

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@Talmek !

Nice to see you as well. =D

The return of old faces is good. Damn I’ve missed this place.