"The Pilot" 2nd Edition, Air 3.15

The Pilot.pdf (585.7 KB)

A sample broadsheet newspaper from the City of Seahaven. Obviously not universally useful, but it might be interesting as an example of a player handout. Yes there is information that is of some importance to the Player Characters, but certainly not all of it. Most of the ads and about two thirds of the text are drawn from historical Victorian sources dates 1860 to 1880. I printed several copies. I was gratified by the way my players passed the papers back and forth digging into the contents. The file is an 11"x17" broadsheet in PDF format.

The background is a Fantasy Steampunk game from a few years back.

Nicely done! Makes me think of Orlando Blooms “Carnival Road” on Prime. I could see the characters reading this fine publication :wink:

It kind of bit me and took over two days of my life. Projects do that to me. The Helen flats were the same thing. (A game Master’s work is never done). The Pilot was a lot cheaper to make. The Religion Book was weeks in the making and not quite done. However the urgency of the thing as faded. I get grabbed by projects and there is no point in resisting.