Share your D&D artwork!

Feel free to share D&D character art or other D&D related artwork that you’ve made here!
(Works in progress are fine too!)

If it’s art that someone else made, or art that you edited of someone else’s work please credit that person if you can or at least let us know that it wasn’t you that made it originally.
(Art theft is not cool, and makes you look like a jerk.)

To start things off I’ll post a sneak peek at some art I am drawing currently of my water genasi warlock. It’s a work in progress, but it’s starting to look pretty cool so far. I still need to finish drawing/adding some parts, and doing the coloring/shading, as well as doing a background. I am very new to digital drawing still, so learning a lot since I am used to traditional work. This is just the sketching I have done so far. I put watermark text over the line art, just in case someone tries to steal her haha, so the writing won’t be there when it’s done.

Her name is Kai Storm Bringer (Surname Arrn’ess in elvish). Her father is a noble genie and her mother is a sea elf. Her father is also her warlock patron (genie patron with pact of the talisman) in our campaign. She is the pilot of our crew on our spelljammer ship, and she is also a scholarly type that does really cool water/cold themed magic.

Kai is going to have light powder blue skin with silvery scales in barely there wave-like patterns, neon blue hair with mint green streaks, and completely black eyes (no white area). Her clothes will be purples, blues, and greens with black. It will be similar to the rainbow look of an oil slick. I will post another picture to this thread once I am all the way finished working on her, but it could take a while since I am disabled and I’m in a lot of pain most days.


I’d like to see some member’s art as well. I’ve visited DeviantArt a little but I don’t really see a story to go along with the actual art. It’s nice to read what the artist was thinking when she created the art. Thanks for thinking of this topic @Daydreaming.

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Thank you @Otakar !
I post on DeviantArt as well, but I definitely agree it can be more fun to know more about the character that is in the imagery. :purple_heart:


So, this, my current avatar, is a picture made by a gm in my group named Minh Ho. He used an AI program. The character’s name is Kraggon.


Sadly that kind of artist I am not. I will gladly watch.

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Nice work @Daydreaming! I particularly like the hair and hands.

I used to draw a lot more before the arthritis got too bad. Below is a character I played for a Curse of Strahd game - Adryssa the Diviner. As a diviner aware of her own death, and knowing what was probably going to happen in Barovia, I made her deathly afraid of bugs, worms, coffins, graveyards, skeletons, corpses, and the undead. That definitely made for some fun role playing.

I did this is Clip Studio a while back. Hope to see more of your art!


@Arkhein, wow, that looks amazing. Nice work!

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Here is a ring of power I tossed together for a unique system of abilities I invented.

(watermarked obnoxiously =P )


She’s super cute!

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Very cool! I love all the texturing in her hair too.

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Haha I actually thought the watermark was part of the picture at first. XD
Very cool writing around the edges of the circle, is it from something else or just random writing you created?
It looks similar to some I have seen before.

Dude has Mako eyes. I love it lol.

It is a style of writing that I specifically created for another world and race entirely, but found useful for this particular picture.

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not D&D but some good scifi artwork for this rpg I published. Art by Amy Fanning.


This was going to be the cover of the Cradle of Wyrms Setting book, but I handed that project over to an artist who is redoing everything, so this pic no longer has a home.


Awesome pic, @clash_bowley , you got Bob Ross all over that water!

Love it. Really lush :clap:t5::clap:t5:

Thanks Arkhein! Bob Ross was all kinds of awesome!


Thanks cseptr! That’s what I was going for - the lush forest primeval!

Over the past few years I got into 3D sculpting my RPG characters, which includes D&D but others as well. Attached is a render of a 3D model I sculpted and used as my avatar on Roll20. I also started printing some of my 3D character sculpts. If you want to see more scifi, fantasy and occasionally RPG-related art things, you can check out my Artstation page or my Instagram .