Okay Brain

We have all had those days when the zombie hoard seeking brains would walk right by us. Today is my turn. I need an adventure, preferably more and the old noggin is totally empty of anything useful.

Well I found an index for the pile of Dungeon Magazine in the basement and it looks like Issue 54 is my friend. I’ll be digging that up. Pity it is not searchable, but an index beats no index.

Edition conflicts? Not really. Any Old School DM can do the necessary shifting on the fly if required. I plan to pick an adventure and rewrite it for circumstance and rules. The only thing I need is sleep, which eludes me.

Whoot. Serious edit. I do not have Dungeon through issue 54. I stopped getting it at 48. I claim poverty. However a short amount of Googling and I have an archive of all 150 issues, a 25 year run in PDF. In Community Resources here. So I downloaded all of it. It is boring, but quick. right click, save link as, return. Oh and I downloaded the index too. Never trust an odd website to be there tomorrow.

As much as I love my gaming, I might cancel Saturday. I’ve not been feeling well or up to things. A spat of no sleep will do that. Ghodd getting old is a bitch. Still beats the alternative.

So having the PDF copies I believe I’ll flatten the physical issues out and send them down the road. A local gaming Store buys such things.