Dungeon Magizine

For those familiar or those not all 150 issuers of Dungeon Magazine in PDF format. NOT my website,buyer beware.


And to make use of the above an index in excel format. Again not my website.


Hmmm, are there similar resources for Polyhedron?

I do not know, but it is likely. My experience with the RPGA caused me to avoid it.

Looks like they’re all available on the internet archive. https://archive.org/details/Polyhedron155/Polyhedron%20GC1%20(GenCon%20Special)/

Aside from the website, I’m not sure it’s legal. WOTC owns it and would likely not allow it to be downloaded for free anywhere except as samples from their own website or other marketing. In addition, they sell them on DM’s Guild for $4.99 each.

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The goodwill for Lizards is mighty thin right now.

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What does that have to do with legality? I think they suck too, which is why I stopped buying their products after 3.5e and went to Pathfinder. That doesn’t mean I should steal their IP though. I’m not trying to personally attack you, but this kind of thinking is rampant.

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Doesn’t look like they sell anything before 4e on DMG for Dungeon or Dragon. But beyond that, when both were scanned on the Internet Archive, it wasn’t exactly done in secret, it was announced on enworld ten years ago. At least one comment on Reddit suggests that at the time, wotc approved of it but I can’t find any release or quote to back that up. In any case, they’re clearly not concerned about us downloading the magazines. Legal may have even told them not to take action on the magazines after the Kenzer lawsuit, just in case there’s some other party with rights that no one remembers - that’s my speculation, but lawyers are touchy like that.

You do you. I have no issues with PDFs of a magazine that stopped publication 20 years ago.

Right. I did do some quick sleuthing before my original post and saw reference to what you refer to. But at the same time, the Internet Archive has been in the middle of some legal action recently. It’s not the same exact issue, but they made a lot of assumptions on what they were allowed to do.

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