New Tag Requests

Hello - Just a recommendation. If we can’t add our own tags (I didn’t see a way to do that), could you please add the following suggested tags for the LFP & LFG categories?:

  • dnd-3e
  • dnd-3.5e
  • homebrew
  • f2f

(Note: f2f = Face to face gaming)

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Call of Cthulhu
Hero System
Role Master

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Recommend we use formats consistent with original tags:

  • dnd-1e
  • dnd-2e
  • dnd-0e or odnd

PS: Should Tags be one word only? I believe capitalization isn’t necessary, and could create ambiguity in filtering. Should we stick to lower-case only?

There is no such thing as DND 1E or DND 2E. There is Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 1E and 2E.

Also, the abbreviations of the older D&D editions are as follows:

OD&D is for White Box, Holmes, and Moldvay/Cook.

BX/BECMI is for Basic, Expert, Companion, Master, and Immortals set. You can put Rules Cyclopedia in this category since it’s one book that has all of these in one place.

There are differences between them all.

I wanted to make sure we ended up with some fairly standardized tags, so I didn’t turn on the ability for anyone to add their own yet. I’d be happy to add any you suggested though :slight_smile:

Those distinctions are a little pedantic. The tags should be intuitive and reflect what people would commonly use, whether or not the terms are completely accurate. As long as they are well understood.


They aren’t pedantic at all. It lets people know exactly what ruleset you are using. If you go with the DND1E for a tag and you post up an AD&D 1E game people are going to be confused. Do you mean D&D White Box Basic or do you mean AD&D 1E?

The abbreviations have been this way since the rulesets came out bud. Which in some cases are close to 50 years old now. Why are we changing what is already established precedent?

If we’re adding ‘f2f’, a good idea by the way, we should also include ‘pbp’ (Play by Post). I suppose you could include ‘pbm’ (Mail) for completeness, but that’s so rare these days it might not be different enough from ‘pbp’.

We don’t want too many tags I presume to avoid lengthy searches.


All tags are currently forced to lower case. There are also some inherent restrictions on tags, like you cannot use a number of special characters. Ampersand is out. Also out, the period, which makes specifying 3.5e difficult. I’m open to suggestions on that one. I can use underscore, so dnd-3_5e is possible, though visually I don’t love that one. dnd-3-5e makes it look like it is editions 3 through 5. Maybe, dnd-3e5 or dnd-3e-revised? Thoughts?

I’ve added the other various editions of D&D, though I am keeping them all grouped under dnd-* to make them easier to find (and reflecting the popular nomenclature).

I’ve also added a new category for Gaming Environment with: online, play-by-post, play-by-email, play-by-chat, virtual-table-top, and face-to-face. Those sound good? Any others I should add?

Well that’s a comprise that actually works.

Can we also add::

Pathfinder 1e
Pathfinder 2e

How about:

  • dnd-3x (for the combined ruleset version using the conversion rules),
  • dnd-35e (for 3.5 rules only games which ignore all 3.0)
  • dnd-30e (for 3.0 rules only games which ignore all 3.5)
  • dnd-3srd (for those games using only the 3rd edition SRD as the ruleset)
  • d20m (for those games using the d20 Modern rules)
  • dnd-d20 (for those games use 3.5 as a subset of d20 and thus combine both rulesets into one)

Just suggestions, some of which are probably rare, so feel free to cherry pick or modify.

For D&D version 3.5, I would recommend the tag “dnd-35e”. Anyone who knows what 3.5 is, would likely know that there is no version 35. I would stick with “dnd-3e” for pure 3.0.

If we could add things like:

-PbtA (Powered by the Apocalypse games - of which there are many)
-Fate (Core, Accelerated, and Condensed)

that would be great. Thanks!

Added as d20-modern.

Added the above.

Fate was already there. Forgive my ignorance, but are each of the sub categories signficant? Should I have a fate-core, fate-accelerated, and fate-condensed?

I’d like to see tags for not-the-end, hexsys, and cowboy-bebop.

Psionics tag, please.

Should we add tags for the Paladium line of RPGs?

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Done and done. I went to the Palladium bookstore and grabbed all the RPG titles they had there.

They all denote a different level of crunchiness in terms of the implementation of the Fate rules. Core is the crunchiest, Condensed is less so, and Accelerated is their most rules-light implementation/interpretation of the Fate system. It’s probably not crucial, as I’d guess people would specify which Fate edition they were using. Thanks!

One could simply group 3 and 3.5 under 3x. If the comma is allowed 3,5 is visually similar. 3f, but that has never been used that I know of.

I play mostly via text over IRC or Discord, so ‘text’ would be useful, to differentiate it from VTT.

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