[Minis] What are you working on?

What minis are you working on and what are you going to do with them? Show off your works in progress!

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I dove into 10mm fantasy last winter. I’ve started with skeletons, 'cause I figured they were the easiest to paint. I like the scale; not a lot of intricate brushwork, and if I goof, you probably won’t notice it on the table!
I’m hoping to run some mass battles as part of a campaign that I can connect to a loose RPG - PCs as military and political leaders. Still looking for a good ruleset.


I just found an incomplete copy of Zobmicide at a thrift store, and now I need to decide if I want to dedicate to painting 90+ minis or not :thinking:

I will never die, I still have the Bones II to paint and a ton of pewter before that, and really cannot paint anymore.

Well, not minis but here’s a clutch of handmade darklings for our next game. (India ink over Acrylic on wood)


I’m on my third go on painting an Infinity figure for our Secret Painter Swap at my local group. I might need to stock up on more Simple Green.

Latest is working on an Ignition Core fireteam while repairing some 40k miniatures for Xenos Rampant.


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Lots of repair work going on with old 3rd edition 40k miniatures. I haven’t played 40k in probably 15 years but I’m a big fan of the Rampant wargame engine so dusting them off and getting them into fighting shape.

Tyranids also took a tumble years ago when a car cut me off and brake checked me. Miniatures case went end over end from the back seat of my truck to the front… putting them back together too.


Related to my Gaslands post. Here are pictures of some of the cars I’ve done.
I have a boot box full of cars that have been primed. Ready for paint and bits. I’d work on them more. But I have no one in my area to play it with.


Very cool skeleton work!

Altho long gone now, I had a lead set of 4, each with an instrument (drum, flute, bagpipes, and lute). The Grateful Undead.
The skeletons I painted ended up with 2 coats of glow-in-the-dark paint on the tops of the bones only, missing all of the negative spaces.

Is this similar to Car Wars? Second, could you slap a ruler down next to a coule of this for scale? A neat bunch of rat rods.

Having neither played nor looked at the rules for Car Wars, I can not say.
As far as scale, generally 1:64. As this is what most matchbox, Hotwheels and similar toys cars are made at.

I’ve got most of a company of 40k Imperial Guard (never played it but once, but enjoyed the painting) from a few years ago, then kind of drifted away from painting. Just getting back into it this year; got an APC to finish, and some horse cavalry and a tracked artillery piece to assemble and paint. Then I’ll probably sell it, ha! and get back to fantasy minis (got a Kickstart or two coming eventually).
I’ll get a few pics posted this week.

It’s a different rules engine than Car Wars, no phased movement or anything like that. Everything movement wise is template based and it’s just simplified greatly over Car Wars.

I’m not sure if I’m more partial to Phil Tortorici’s Road Rage just by virtue of it being out before Gaslands and what I needed for a convention game.

The cars are basic Hotwheels and Matchbox cars. Stan Johansen and Ramshackle Games do add on sets of weapons and armor you can add to the cars.

As Talsar’s pics show, modding these cars for the game has become a hobby by itself, with endless tutorials and scavenging. It has certainly created a new market for bags of old 40k bits, and trashed Hot Wheels from the thrift shops!

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[quote=“TwoGunBob, post:14, topic:520, full:true”]
It’s a different rules engine than Car Wars, no phased movement or anything like that. Everything movement wise is template based and it’s just simplified greatly over Car Wars.[/quote]

I have a lot of Car Wars and never found anyone to play with. You are right, the movement is vey complicated.

So the basic 1/64-ish scale. And made in true rat rod style, from what ever you get your hands on. I approve.

Dug out my cars for Road Rage, which also works for Gaslands just as well. A little crude as I was figuring out the what and how and wasn’t rusting and ruining them. It was based for the Deathrace film, the Jason Statham one not the David Carradine one. Love the Corman film but the schlocky action one makes better game scenario!

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I’d better not start Car Wars or Gaslands! I could easily spend all day modding cars for it.

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I have an order from Hero Forge outstanding!

Working on Renaissance 15mm figures for the Italian Wars. Finished a set of pikemen representing Florence with some anti-Medici sentiments tied up in the flags. Lots more to come as I’m working on the Landsnkecht pikemen now.