Apocalyptic Explorers and Road Warriors wanted!

I’ve been developing and running a post-apocalyptic game since around 2004. Refined and play-tested current system through the 2010s to present. Now I live in the Sweetwater, Texas area and am looking for players. I literally have all the materials needed to play, but you are encouraged to bring your dice or other gaming material, if you prefer. I do use maps and miniatures.

I am looking to run a game every week or two if possible. I’ve written material for quick sessions, to entire campaigns.

Heya, @Vohawk, you may want to add your location to your post so that it will show up on our Game Finder. Take a look at this post for more information on how to do that:

Ok. After another try, I got it to work.

Thank you!

Sounds awesome! But alas, I don’t know that i’ve got the res to make the 2000 mile commute. Have fun!

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