2nd Edition AD&D Looking for Players in Porto, Portugal

American Dungeon Master that recently relocated to Porto, Portugal.
Looking for players for my old school 2nd Edition AD&D Greyhawk campaign:

We will be playing classic tabletop AD&D with mini’s. And if anyone wants to help, we can create scenery.

2nd Edition can get very intense and bloody. It’s not shocking to see players take things a little (or a lot) personal: looking for respectful players that can separate themselves from their characters.
Players that understand the difference between playing the game vs winning the game.
Players that understand they’re not trying to “beat the DM”
Players that understand how alignment works.
Players that aren’t just about “hack and slash” D&D (a little role playing anyone?)
Players that are hopefully at least a little willing to learn about the history, past and present, of Greyhawk.

Having fun and enjoying classic Dungeons and Dragons is what it’s all about.
Therefore, to make sure we get the most out of our sessions, I run a no tolerance game.
It’s easy for a “bad” player to drain the energy and fun out of the game.
If a player is too much to handle and is a handful, has issues getting along with the other players, etc, he/she will be removed from the group. If a player is caught looking up a module to cheat, he/she will be removed from the group.

The game is open to a max of 5 players. 1st come 1st served. 1x per month sessions on Saturday’s or Sunday’s. Preferably to start in the early evening if playing on Saturday. Or early afternoon if playing on Sunday. Session’s will average 4-5 hours. At my place, in my basement. Any adult age. Any open minded person that is “cool.” Even newbies that have never played before but are genuinely interested in learning 2nd Edition AD&D.

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Heya, @JCR , you may want to add your location to your post so that it will show up on our Game Finder. Take a look at this post for more information on how to do that:

Hi Farcaster,
I tried to add my location. But it won’t work. I’m no longer in the USA. I now live in Porto, Portugal.

@JCR, I changed a setting that I think might help and it let me pull up Porto on the map. Can you check what I put in and make sure it is in the correct area?

It sure is! Thank you (or as they say here in Portugal, “obrigado!”

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Hi there! I recently moved from CA to Porto and had to leave my long-running 5e campaign (which broke my heart). I started with 2nd edition maybe 25 years ago, primarily in the Dark Sun world (but also forgotten realms via the Baldurs Gate series). I’ve played 3, 3.5, 5e, PF, and a few other small TTRPG since then.

Please hit me up if there is still room!

Hi Sam!
I sent your a wife a private message on Facebook. Check it out and respond there. I gave her my WhatsApp #
You will be the 3rd player. So that makes 4 of us so far. I sometimes play some sort of NPC (usually a fighter) to help the party out.
We’ll be playing post Greyhawk Wars, around 591CY. But I’ll also be running some of the classics that happened pre-war. They’re just too good to pass up. Just need to update them a little bit to fit into the timeline of events.

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