Zach - Tracy, Ca - Player/GM

Genres I like

I like all genres, but prefer family friendly/less graphic

Systems I like

Serenity, 3.5E & 5E, End of the World (any variant), interested in learning FATE

Styles of games that I like

I play/run all sorts, but I prefer the more heavily realism and more role play. Dungeon crawls are a nice change of pace, but not the norm.

What I am looking for in a group

This is all about having fun and hanging out with folks. It’s geek poker night. That being said I tend to be more serious and am a good ‘straight man’ for the comedic elements.

My gaming availability

Depends on length of game and type of game. Once or twice a month. Weekdays tend to be easier, but weekends can work if I’m allowed to miss games periodically for familial excursions.

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