Woodstock, GA - Looking for gaming group

Genres I like

Mostly Fantasy, but potentially open to others

Systems I like

D&D, Pathfinder, Seventh Seas, Savage Worlds

Styles of games that I like

Balanced, unbalanced, etc.

What I am looking for in a group

Life is short, of course laughing and joking should be involved. The last group I joined on P&PG was a oneshot that led to nearly 6 years of playing together. He had fun, and played some fun stuff.

My gaming availability

Monday evenings are the best. I could do Thursdays, most of the time. Work deployments are a thing.

What am I hoping for?

While I would really dig an in-person game and the fun that comes with it, I could also go for an online game (like roll20). In a previous game, we would take turns DMing. I’m a novice, but do enjoy trying.

In the area? Hit me up! Want to help form an online group? Or have one looking for a +1? Let’s chat and see if Im a fit!

The modern horror campaign I play in is open for another player.

We play at out game masters home in east Atlanta, every other Sunday.

We’re using Call
Of Cthulhu for the system, but the mythos in game is completely the GMs creation.

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