Wizards of the Coast sends Pinkertons to harass YouTuber

You can watch my full video on this topic on YouTube.

Wizards of the Coast recently dispatched the Pinkerstons to deal with a Magic: the Gathering YouTuber who posted MtG cards before their official release date.

This comes after a series of missteps by the corporate giant that controls the Dungeons and Dragons brand, including:

  • Their attempt to cancel the Open Gaming License upon which so many of us rely.

  • Their creator summit where a lot of the attendees felt like their were being given nothing but empty corp speak on the future of the D&D brand.

  • Their failed re-branding of the next edition of D&D, from One D&D to… D&D 5th edition?

I feel that under WotC’s leadership, the official D&D brand will lose its audience.

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Cool video!!

I feel you are right. They really have become the Three Stooges. I often see tone deaf corporate behavior. This more like simply deaf.

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They already lost me after the countless, unbalanced supplements for D&D 3E.

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The 3E stuff was often the same feats repackaged with new names. The third party Book oif Feats clearly demonstrates this when you can see them side by side.

The only balance that matters is their bank balance.

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Power-players greedily took advantage of these more powerfull character classes with unknowingly GMs. Most campaigns with character build with these supplements didn’t last long while older campaigns with only basis classes lasted for years.

It’s not just the supplements. A good DM can survive bad rules.

Thank you!

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