Wish List for YouTube

Are there any game related topics you like to see more about on YouTube that are currently under-represented?


I’d like to see more coverage of Tabletop RPG’s that are NOT D&D.


Same, although I think there are quite a few. But there are also so many different games that the odds of finding game-specific content for anything not D&D is a challenge.

IMO one of the best YouTubers with both a wide variety of content on different games as well as a lot of general gaming advice is Seth Skorkowsky. Check him out; he might be have something you’ll like.


I don’t play any of the games Seth covers, but I still steal ideas from his videos. I have tried finding videos for FFGs Genesys Roleplaying System, which is a fertile field for YouTube discussions, but there are hardly any. It’s absolutely dominated by D&D which has already been talked to death.

Unfortunately, D&D is the big name so D&D gets the views. Just getting a channel targeting other games noticed can be difficult with D&D dominating the virtual space.

As a bit of advice (based purely on anecdotal evidence), featuring content on a wide variety of smaller games seems to get more notice than focussing on a single smaller game.

From a personal perspective, I’d like to see more content focussed on RPG genres than specific systems (particularly nonFantasy genres). Info and ideas that can be easily worked into a game regardless of system.


So, stuff like adapting modern games to historic periods, war eras, etc? Interesting. Very little non-fantasy game content. People like magic and laser guns too much.

I had a campaign concept I tried to get my group to agree to. I called the campaign Nostalgia. The idea was each session a different player would GM their favorite setting and ruleset that the party would traverse. The story is basically sliders, the group was sucked thru a portal and are now trying to get home. I had a few mmo and anime settings I wanted to adventure thru but some systems wouldn’t fit settings as easy as another would

The plan was to start with super simple rulesets and the party levels up with each jump converting their characters concept and skills over to the next level character in the new system. As the players grew stronger the systems would get more robust and complicated until they finally got home. The missing player is the key they have to find to open the portal, the super simple why isn’t so and so here.

Sadly I got super busy with work and it never happened. I thought it would be a cool concept to start a channel with my friends and get them to try some new systems while showing actual gameplay for rpgs other than dnd on youtube.


TTRPG’s that aren’t D&D. I’m always looking for a new game and it’s hard to find one when you don’t know what’s out there.


I love YouTube and very rarely go a day without watching something “RPG” on it. I really want someone to demonstrate a “hex crawl” and a “point crawl” with a couple of actual players. I think I want to do it but I’m apprehensive because I don’t think I understand it well enough to make it fun for my players.


I would like the presenter to take me through one of the mega-dungeons like Barrow Maze, Rappan Athuk. I’d like to see spoilers and maybe see how they’d run parts of it. WASD and Esper the Bard have done mini-demo adventures that are very comprehensive but nothing with a published mega-dungeon. I wouldn’t mind seeing something like this with some of the older modules like the Temple of Elemental Evil or Dark Tower by Judges Guild.


I always appreciate a vid that is honest about “we don’t know how this will go” and then raw capture an entire attempt. I’d watch a hex crawl like that, especially if the random tables and materials used were in the notes.


I’ve been disappointed by this too. Seen a handful of “how-to-play” vids, but no detailed discussion.

There are some good Genesys podcasts on d20radio, but they’ve been sporadic. I still enjoy the Order66 podcast for the Star Wars RPG, which I’ve been listening to since their SAGA edition eps. They’ve done a couple good eps on updating SW with some of the newer rules in Genesys.


I kept up with Order66 until recently. My Star Wars group did not survive the pandemic, and I fell off a bit. Genesys may be a bit too universal to talk about in depth.

Yeah, none of the settings for it so far seem to have really gained much traction - at least at the official level. - and without those specifics to focus on, there’s not much to explore. Personally, I think Android is an incredibly rich setting with a lot of potential for development.


For me, I just want some coverage for high level play. I run a long standing game. We have PCs ranging from 14-16th LV. There is virtually no useful advice on you tube about this. WotC data shows the vast majority groups do not even make it to 10th level. My group is the opposite. We often hit 18th level and higher. I usually plan my campaigns to go all the way to 20 or pretty darn close. I’ve run probably a dozen campaigns to and above level 20 over the years.

Maybe I should be the one sharing advice? Lol.


You definitely have the high level xp to give advice. I’ve only taken 3 groups past L10. I will say, there is truth to the mid level itch. No less than 6 games have died for me between L5-10.

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I would love to see moderation that didn’t make people talk like idiots.

For about a year, Glass Cannon did a series called New Game, Who Dis? where they played an adventure in different games for three or four sessions, including chargen. DMs and players changed so it wasn’t always the same five people.

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Have to agree. That series stoked an interest in playing Cyberpunk Red and a nostalgia for FASERIP Marvel Heroes. Their Alien RPG and Call of Cthulhu games were entertaining as well, though I’d played both.

I can’t Critical Role, or any other video “actual play” channels – I don’t know why, but something about them just bores me to tears. Glass Cannon is the only one that captures my attention. Go figure. I’m eagerly awaiting the next chapter to their Impossible Landscapes campaign (Delta Green).