Was Palace of the Silver Princess a feminist work?

Having run this adventure during quarantine for Doug Tennapel and his son, I immedately took notice of the femdom elements of the hamlet where the characters begin. As I reviewed in, my YouTube video., Jean Well’s 1981 set the adventurers in the barony of Galluvia, ruled by a regicidal Lady who had subjugated the men of the land to 2nd class citizens.

People have brought up the “Illusion of the Decapus” as the reason the adventure got banned, but no one ever mentions the Barony of Galluvia as a problematic element. Correct or not, people feel more comfortable exploring a female dominate dynamic, but get quite squeamish if a woman gets mistreated at the hands of men.

Having talked to many of you at conventions, people are simply more comfortable with this element. I spend a great deal of time exploring a fantasy female dominated society in my version of the story and comic book, I encourage you to sign up on Kickstarter.

No, frankly. It does not matter which gender dominates. I’ll write such a scenario as a thing for PCs to latter do something about. I’ll never present it as something that if right and good.

Feminism is about equality. Anyone telling you otherwise is blowing smoke up you posterior.