Veteran gamers play various games


We play a huge range of games and genres, from hard sci fi and space fantasy to high-powered fantasy and “gritty fantasy” through to horror and drama/storytelling games. We’re wrapping up a Pulp Cthulhu campaign and deciding what to play next. We’re looking for one more player.

When We Play

Fridays 8 til late (UK time) on Discord. Additionally, we meet up for a weekend of gaming in a farmhouse or holiday cottage (somewhere in the north of England) once a year.


Would it be possible to just listen in on these sessions?

I’m not promising to join in, but a time zone for the virtual sessions, and a physical location (including the nation) for the annual meetup would be helpful!

Are your games strictly narrative or do you also use a VTT?

We use Roll20 or The Foundry when we meet online.

Added! Thanks.

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