Vanalir, a Westmarch High Fantasy Discord world open for everyone to explore

About the Game

Play Location/Method: Discord, Text Based primarily (A few vtt sessions, done through Foundry)
Game/System: DnD 5e, supported by Avrae and a few other bots
Player or GM? I’m the co-owner of the server, alongside Khrys/Kit. We have a staff of several other GMs and DMs that support with running quests
Time/Frequency: ALWAYS! We have staff running quests literally all day, and we have folks from all around the world. And you can always find an RP partner
Genre: High Fantasy, low tech, Feywild inspired and influenced world.
Current needs: More players/characters! We are always looking for new folks, new blood to enrich the world.
Accept Drop-In Players? Yes, always
Accept Spectators? Yes, but you’ll need to pop in and say hi every so often…if you stay a spectator and don’t ever say anything, we do occasionally purge our member list.
Short description of the setting/campaign (5 lines or less): The world of Vanalir, once just thought to be the continent of Faeyis. Now, the world has grown, the other kingdoms are beginning to make themselves known, and the town of Newholm becomes a city on the world stage. Demons are invading through portals, drow are fighting their way through the Underdark, all in search for a mystical artifact. What will come of it all? Only time will tell…

Also, we have special quests for Spoopy Season, so join now and shriek along with us!

When We Play

We are a westmarch that runs quests all day and all night with people from all over the world

Drak, I would interested. Please hit me up and send me the info

I am interested. Please send an invite to your discord server.

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