Vacaville, CA - looking for players for a D&D 5e campaign

EDIT - just trying to refresh this post. The campaign has started… one session so far. Still hoping to find 1 or 2 more players! :slight_smile:

Hellow fellow gamers!

I’m starting a D&D 5e campaign. I have 3 players, which will get us started, and I’d like to have 2 more. We’ll play once a month. Considering running SKT and targeting 50/50 combat / roleplay. Mostly theater of the mind, some map drawing for reference, maybe some minis, probably not using a grid unless the group requests it. I’m fairly new at DMing and am ok with any level of player. Some minor house rules, but mostly RAW. We’re all 30+ and would prefer additions to the group to be of similar age. Hope to hear from you!

Vacaville resident here. Been playing D&D since the 80s (though I don’t play D&D as often as I do other games anymore). I Would love a chance to chat with you all and see where you’re at in regards to needing/looking for another player.

I am well versed in 5e - having been a player in a long-winded 2year campaign, and having run my own for about 6 months.

Specifically - i prefer to play theatre of the mind (no minis), that’s my go-to style. Saturday’s work good for me. This is a perfect sounding set-up for me.

If you want to reach me outside of here, you can email me: SirKicley(at)yahoo(dot)com

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