Unnamed MCDM RPG

If you’d like any of their other products, this one looks promising.
This yet-to-be-named MCDM RPG looks like a nice addition to the growing number of new RPGs.

The intro video is long. I bookmarked it and came back to it later.

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I’ve been following this game. There are few things that give me pause about it. First and foremost is no d20. My group has tried games that didn’t use the d20 and always disliked them. Something about that dodecahedron is essential to DND for us. So that’s strike one. The next thing was the 4e inspiration that is clearly present in the design. Recoveries are clearly healing surges, which were very disliked in my group. Something about a non caster being able to heal others just feels very off to us. I’m sure this will be present in MCDMs game as well. Lastly, there has been zero talk about the magic system. If resembles anything like 4e I’m out.

I really like Matt’s take on RPGs and many of the concepts they are working into this new game are very cool and innovative. I think the reverse attrition system is awesome for example. The classes seem very cool and well conceived. There is a lot to like so far.

I will continue to follow it but no d20 and 4e mechanics give me pause. I want to jump in with both feet but from what we’ve been shown I simply cannot do that just yet.

My two cents…