Twilight 2000 4th Edition - Lost Marines Campaign - Foundry VTT

A world gone to hell in a handbasket. Created by the politicians but fought by the warriors and paid for by the civilians caught in the middle. Everyone struggles to stay alive and keep their humanity in the process.

This is the story of Marines that were diverted from their original mission to link up with their unit. Reassigned to the 5th Infantry Division to conduct mobile reconnaissance; they over came and adapted. Everywhere they went people joked, “Marines? You lost?”

Then Operation Reset went south and the counter-offensive by the soviets destroyed the 5th ID. This is the story of the Lost Marines and their passengers.


The plan is to play on a user hosted Foundry until such a time as I decide to port over to Forge. :slight_smile:

Players may play as Marines assigned as an LAV crew or the Scout Team member. Or they may play anything they want, as long as everyone understands that they escaped in the LAV. I don’t mind having an NPC crew for the vehicle, but the vehicle is the focal point at the beginning. If the group decides to ditch the vehicle that is fine. Not sure if the NPC Marines will abandon it so easily but we will just have to play that out. :wink:

This game is part of an episodic campaign system with Lost Legacy being the primary group and Lost Marines being the second group formed. (I’m also considering a Lost Navy, SEAL Team based campaign). Episodic Campaign, in this sense, means that each group interacts in the same game world and there can be spin off groups and factions as the number of players grows. This means that if one group destroys a city and nukes it from orbit, just to be sure, then that city is unavailable for the other group to explore.

As for a schedule, Lost Marines is going to be on a flexible weekly schedule that is based on my work availability. The time will always be 7P central as I feel that is early enough for some and not to late for others. However, the day each week will change and selected by a majority of the group. I will post my availability on Saturday afternoon or evening, players respond with their choice and then we play on that day at 7P. Granted the day may fluctuate each week but Thu and Fri are out as Thursday I play in Lost Legacy and Friday is Board Game Day with my nine year old daughter.

I am however aiming for Tuesdays, just so I can call it Twilight 2000 Tuesday. Message me if interested or respond here if you have any questions.

Full Disclosure: I did start a Megatravaller campaign that I had to stop because I was unable to devote the time and effort to running it. The system isn’t really supported in Foundry so was having to do a lot of work for that. I also did not feel I had the time to devote to game day prep so felt it was not fair to my players. I am however hoping that T2K4 will be better as there is nowhere near as much prep required with the genre, environment and support from Free League. END DISCLOSURE NOTICE. :wink:

Have two players so going ahead with Session 0 on Tuesday @ 1900 (7P) Central, let me know if anyone is interested. :wink:

Game is at six players so full, but if anyone is interested in becoming a Navy SEAL for a campaign let me know and if I get two or three interested will start up a second game, the Lost Navy. LOL

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