Twilight 2000 4e anyone?

About the Game

Looking to referee a Free League Twilight 2000 game for a group of 3-5 players. Mix of RP and combat. Online using Foundry VTT and either Zoom/Discord. I haven’t GMed 4e version but experienced with the older version. New players welcome as I’ll be learning the rules myself (although I have years of experience GMing in general). GM style is relaxed and immersive. Mature material so require mature players.

When We Play

Looking at 1-2 times a month on a standing Eastern Time zone weeknight, probably 7-11pm (EST). Foundry VTT for game canvas.

Holler back if interested or have any questions, etc.

Depending on the day I may be available for it I haven’t played twilight2000 since it was new but I remember really liking the system

Roger that, sounds like a plan. This version of T2K is less crunchy than the old versions, but still feels similar in tone and such. I’ll ping you back as/if things solidify.

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