Traveller Pirates of Drinax Campaign

We are a long-time gaming group. I have GM since the late 1970’s, beginning with D & D. For the past 15 years we have run various setting in Savage Worlds, particularly Pulp, Rippers, and Deadlands. This year we have switched to Mongoose Traveller 2E. Occasionally (during the summers), we switch to games such as AH Civilization, Firefly the Boardgame, or something for a break.
The current group of players runs in age from late 20’s to mid-30’s, with a middle age GM. While the group is not as large or as diverse as it was preCOVID, we are very LGBT and female friendly. We have had players as young as 13 (with parent participation); in fact several of the current players started in the group as young teens. Occupations of the members are/have been engineers, college professors, teachers, county magistrates, physicist, and even an organic farmer. Some of us are married, some not. Most of us have attended Origins for years. I have owned a game store, been a featured presenter at Origins, written/designed the latest edition of the Star Fleet Battle Manual, and published numerous articles in Knights of the Dinner Table.
While we generally follow the rules of whatever system we are running; the story, our friendships, and having fun are more important with this group. We are looking for more players who can share our love of gaming and not rules lawyers.

When We Play
Weekly, Tuesdays, 6:30 - 9:00.

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