Transformers South Jersey

About the Game

I’m Looking to run a Transformers campaign using the new Renegade Games rule set. the game will be set in 1989, 5 years after the awakening of the Autobots and Decepticons and though it will center on Earth and Cybertron it will also feature occasional space travel throughout the wider universe.

When We Play

*Looking to play 2 times a month, Saturday afternoons.

I might be interested, I have the books but I don’t know how to play or construct a character.

I have read the core book multiple times so that shouldn’t be a problem, Main Issue I’m having is finding players, I have maybe only one other person who is interested at the moment. I’m talking to a group whose GM might be interested in running it, they are based out of Gundam Kitchen on Blackwood if that would be close enough for you. I’ll gladly keep you informed if anything changes or I can put together a group.

Oh, I live in central Minnesota, so I would have to join remotely, but I do have a webcam on my PC already.

I thought the system was too vague for my taste, as looking at Megatron’s sheet it didn’t feel like him, and there’s no reason to transform.

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