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About the Game

Transformers: Chrome Rebels is an Essence20 system Transformers RPG campaign set in 1955 in a Gen1 splinter continuity. Familiarity with the Transformers franchise and the Essence20 system aren’t necessary to play, but a willingness to learn the rules and the enthusiasm to play giant alien robots in a Hollywood iteration of fifties America is!

When/Where/How We Play

  • Days of week and frequency undetermined, evenings preferred. My schedule is open.
  • Games to take place online, using some combination of VTT and video chat. Still working out which ones. Players will be required to have cameras on and (sorry) this isn’t negotiable.
  • Adults of any age, gender, religion, orientation, etc. can play; but leave politics, religion, and activism off the table. No prejudice allowed.
  • My GM philosophy is not to “tell a story,” but to create situations and let the story grow out of PC decisions, consequences, and luck. There are wheels in motion but player agency is paramount. A passive player or two might be okay, but only so long as dynamic (goal-oriented) players are taking the lead.
  • Session 0 will have intros, character gen, houserule overview, and “lines and veils” discussion. Generally, the setting is informed by fifties sci-fi, crime, and teen drama films. I’m no therapist, but if you aren’t triggered by “War of the Worlds” or “Rebel Without a Cause” you’ll probably be fine.
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This sounds really neat, but the 4k mile commute would be a killer!

I’m not a fan of Essence20, but I am a massive G1 TF fan, and I dig the 50’s setting switch. A 80’s TF game using Cartoon Action Hour is on my personal to-do list.

I hope you find a group to do this justice. All the best.

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@GrognardGM And if I find that I need to do this thing online (looking more likely as time marches on) I’ll give you the proverbial ring!

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Lack of local interest in anything involving travel or not-D&D5e is forcing me to do this online. Changed the original post to reflect that. I need to pick up a few technological tools to make it work for me.

It’s difficult to interact with people when I can’t see their faces. Cameras will be required of players.

I might be interested. I bought the Transformers core rulebook, the gm screen and Beacon of Hope adventure (it’s pretty simple and badly written, but I can still be a player since I didn’t memorize it), and the useless adventure that’s supposed to be for power rangers, transformers, and gi joe. I do have a video camera, but I am not in any way experienced with the game system (didn’t look good imho, but am willing to try it) or any VTT, since I normally run games on Facebook video group chat.