TinyZine Compendium 2021

The last of the annual compendiums, housing issues 33 - 44. As of 11/28/2023, prices show: pdf $14.99, softcover $24.99, combo $24.99.
We get more “Beasts Beyond Bounds” in the volume, including the countries: Germany, the Caribbean, Scotland, Medieval Europe, and others. Tiny Dungeons gets its share of goodies, but it seems Tiny Frontiers gets a little more love this round.
Tiny Supers gets a fair share of space again. One of the more interesting entries is the 2 part Tiny Supers '66, a nod to superhero shows of the 60’s, like Batman and The Green Hornet.
Another interesting inclusion is a trio of articles for Tiny Gods titled Tiny Gods of the Arena. Part one is all about the gladiators: setting up a PC, new traits, new mechanics, and Status level. Part 2 delves into the arena, weapons, and the gladiatorial matches. Part 3 goes into how to create the arena and run its phases: the intrigue phase, influence phase, arena phase, and upkeep phase.
All in all, more Tiny D6 goodness across the board. I can’t stress enough how much I love the cross game compatibility of the stuff, and all you need to do is maintain the game’s “laws of physics” as I call it.