TinyZine Compendium 2020

TinyZine Compendium 2020 is issues 21 - 32 of GKG’s TinyZine. Each year, each issue has contained more goodies to use for one’s Tiny D6 game of choice. Tiny Dungeons, being the flagship game of GKG, has always gotten pride of place in the issues (well, it is officially the Tiny Dungeons TinyZine), but Tiny Supers gets its own fair share of content, as the game had recently come out. There are at least 6 general settings to drop your gang of Supers into, and they could also be incorporated into the micro-settings in the rulebook or used on their own in the general setting. The Headless Horseman is the NPC flavor of the year, again giving a GM everything they need to drop it into an adventure.
Each of the “mains” get some love, as usual, though one of the more interesting items in this Zine is a trio of articles about Beasts Beyond Bounds. The first includes American Cryptids, such as: Bigfoot, Dover Demon, Goatman, and Mothman. The second includes Filipino folklore creatures, like: Anggitay, Tigbanua, and Wakwak. Lastly, from African folklore, creatures like: Impundulu, Agogwe, and Ninki Nanka.
As usual, there are adventures, settings, revised rules, and everything else one could want, and is (per usual) a great compilation of material, like the other two in the series. As of 1/19/2023, pricing shows: $19.00 for the pdf; $19.99 for the softcover; and $19.99 for the combo, with a full price of $39.98.