TinyZine Compendium 2019

Gallant Knight Games is back with its second annual compendium. The 2018 offering was issues 1 - 8, and this is issues 9 - 20. Many features from the previous compendium, like the roll and play, return. This includes a roll and play for 12 different subjects, including: cities, druid covens, ruins, and more. There are more new heritages, such as gnomes and halflings, as well as grey, wood, and dark elves.
there are some one-off items, like setting camp, teamwork rules, and cleric traits. There are more settings and adventures for various Tiny D6 games. One slightly tongue in cheek setting is My Tiny Pony. And yes, you read that correctly. It’s designed for the Hatchling Edition of Tiny Dungeons. This year there are also 2 NPC features: one for Captain Nemo, and one for Sherlock Holmes. One other mentionable item is Shaebrook. Shaebrook is a Tiny Dungeon setting and Alan Bahr’s (owner and operator of GKG) home setting for Tiny Dungeons (per a comment he made during an actual play on the VCG YouTube channel), and includes NPCs and locations.
Like the previous compendium, lots of good content in one convenient spot that could be fairly easily adapted to any campaign setting. This volume even includes some Tiny Supers content.
Now for the important part: as of 11/5/23 the pdf shows a price of $19.99; the softcover as well shows $19.99; and the combo shows an original price of $39.98, and a sale price of the aforementioned $19.99.