TinyZine Compendium 2018

This is the first Tiny D6 Compendium from Gallant Knight Games. The TinyZines were/are a gift to all the GKG Patreon subscribers. Up until recently, they were compiled in January of the following year and released to the general public. It mostly contains goodies for the GKG Tiny D6 line, but also has stuff for other games that GKG has been a part of. As of 11/1/2023, the pdf shows $14.99 as does the softcover. The combo shows the same price, with $29.98 as an original price.
There are several categories of goodies. The first is the ROLL & PLAY. Each has 6 charts, and a D6 is rolled for each and creates items such as inns, magic items, and gladiator arenas, among others.
There are several new TRAITS and HERITAGES that can be used, typically in Tiny Dungeons. Heritages include Minotaur and Spirits (both of which turned up in the VCG TD year long campaign that was a GKG stretch goal for one of their KickStarters). There are also 5 settings/adventure ideas for Tiny Dungeons and Tiny Frontiers. An interesting addition is an NPC feature of Arthur Pendragon. There’s also an article included on level progression for Tiny Dungeons and how to incorporate it into the campaign. For any not familiar, Tiny D6 games don’t really have a level or skill progression in the main rules; those are left to optional rules that can be added as desired. The system is designed to be minimalistic and less crunchy, though giving options to add crunch to the games.
This would be a good addition, I feel, to any system, not just Tiny D6. Yes, there would be a conversion factor, but that would be true in any case.

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