Tiny Zine: Issue 48

This is a new thing for Gallant Knight Games. For a long time, if you were a Patreon supporter at a certain level you received Tiny D6 content monthly via PDF. At the end of the year, GKG would compile the monthly material together and release a PDF via Drive Thru. Per the Letter from the Editor in this, 2022 was a bit rough for GKG as was the start of 2023, and they had other priorities to attend to, which forced them to put this material to the side temporarily while they straightened everything else out. Doing this content in a quarterly zine allows them to put it in the production schedule easier. As of writing (9/4/23), the PDF is $6.99; the softcover is $13.99; and the combo shows a full price of $20.98, and a sale price of $13.99.
It’s designed to be a goodie bag of Tiny D6 material, with stuff for various titles in the collection. We start with Tiny Caveman, a comedic approach to a Tiny D6 game where you play, you guessed it, as cavepeople. The entirety of the rules is 7 pages, and assumes you are familiar with the Tiny D6 system.
Next, we get Part One of the Four part The return of Lian setting for Tiny Dungeons 2E. It gives a brief history of Lian, the politics, society, groups, main city, etc. Act Two sees the party sent on a mission to save a group of farmers and a rescue party sent to find the farmers. Act Three sends them on another mission to investigate a magic tower.
Then we get The River Runs Red, a Tiny Gunslingers adventure. It gives you everything you need to run an adventure in Blackgum, MS.
Tiny Encounters comes next, and is a pair of encounter ideas for Tiny Dungeons 2E. One entails fixing a tear into the underworld, and the other deals with a wizard’s library and the hijinks inside.
Next comes The Handbasket, which is a post-apocalyptic setting, and would be a good Tiny Wastelands microsetting.
We then get a second Tiny Gunslingers setting, Forsaken Children of the Guns. It’s influenced by The Dark Tower, The Witcher, and Dogs in the Vineyard. Lastly, we get Castles, Keeps, and Citadels, Oh My! This isn’t designed to be used the same way as the enclave rules of Tiny Wastelands, but to be a reason PCs get special bonuses for having a stronghold.
You get a lot of goodies for Tiny D6 crammed into 83 pages. Based on my experience with the previous compendiums, there’s inevitably going to be a lot of material spread over most, if not all, the Tiny D6 line as more come out. If you aren’t as familiar with Tiny D6, and decide to take the plunge, grab this as well and go have fun.

UPDATE Did a little “research” as I got curious why (after looking at Tinyzine Compendium 2021 which ended at issue 44 and this is saying Tinyzine 48), but this Tinyzine includes issues 45, 46, and 47 in its content. Said issues can be gotten on DTRPG as PDF’s, as can the first 44 ‘issues.’ I’ll leave it to all to look it up if interested.

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I get the impression it should be played with 15mm miniatures.

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And 15 mm d6’s. :upside_down_face:

Tiny d6, you need the ones that came with the Pirates of the Spanish Main cards.

The right dice for tinyd6

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