Tiny Spies

Tiny Spies is an RPG in the vein of James Bond, Get Smart, and Mission Impossible. As of 12/5/2023, pricing shows the pdf at $6.99, softcover $9.99, hardcover $15.99, with the combos $1 more.
Being Tiny D6, the how to play section is about 12 pages and gives the player most everything they need to know to play the game. Character creation is next, and can play as one of five archetypes, including: agent, face, and soldier. Each is going to start with 5 traits, one archetype and 3 picked traits are the norm, with the fifth being a background trait, which broadens the PC and gives them a go-to for help when needed. Rules for vehicles and gadgets are next. Vehicles are treated like PCs to a degree: choose a chassis and select 3 upgrades, and good to go. Last is 5 pages on the world of Tiny Spies. There’s no GM section in the book, but it’s not really needed. The rules are, by nature, pretty simple and intuitive, but I mention it as it’s the first Tiny D6 game without the GM section that I’ve come across.

I’ve got your dice for that,

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