Tiny Pirates

Another case of minimalistic gaming done right; 75 pages, if you count the character sheet. It includes virtually everything needed to play the game (more on that shortly). As of 12/1/2023, prices show $9.99 for the pdf, $10.02 for the softcover, $19.99 for the hardcover, $18.02 ($23.01) for the softcover combo, and $24.99 ($29.99) for the hardcover combo.
The game starts with a couple pages of the world of Tiny Pirates and where to draw some inspiration from. Next is how to play, which is standard Tiny D6. Also included are ship rules, which are basically the same as for characters, with minor changes. Then it’s on to pirate creation, where you play as a member of the crew, including: captain, quartermaster, pilot, and others. Lastly is the GM section. It has all the extra bits and bobs needed to play. Included in the GM section is an optional rule for duels. Needed for this is a deck of cards (found on DrivethruCards or a print and play pdf on the GKG site) for each involved in the duel.
Interesting concept for a game, and one I feel is great for one-offs or short campaigns, though you could go longer if desired. It would make for a nice departure from your usual game, and play a genre I’ve personally not seen many games for.