Tiny Living Dead

This is minimalistic gaming at its finest. The entire book is 28 pages. As of 11/29/2023, the pricing is: pdf $3.99, softcover $5.99, hardcover $9.99, with the softcover combo on sale for $6.99 and original price of $9.99, and hardcover combo for $10.99 and original of $13.99.
The game starts with the usual how to play spiel, and that takes up most of the book, with 17 pages. It’s typical Tiny D6: so 2d6 test, with a 5 or 6 being success, 2 actions per combat round, and on and on.
Survivor creation is 5 pages long, with 3 pages being traits. There are no pre-defined classes in the game, which is a departure from most Tiny D6 games. The rest of the book is for the GM, with the bulk being different types of zombies.
You could run this on its own, or even drop it in any of the other games of the line with very minimal fuss. It would be the perfect add-on for Tiny Wastelands, or even (more interesting) Tiny Cthulhu (cosmic horror and zombies, what could possibly go wrong?). Live the others in the line, it’s designed for ease of setup and play.