Tiny Gunslingers

The last, to my knowledge, of the “major” minor games from Gallant Knight Games. Yes, Tiny Taverns exists, and one day I may review it, but it will not be this day. Or the next.
If you are familiar with Tiny D6, you know the basics; if not, see some of my other reviews. They handle shootouts/duels in an interesting way here, by way of blackjack, so you’ll need a deck of cards sans jokers. You can hit, stand, or shoot, and there some rules for each option. Creating a character is par for the Tiny D6 model, only there’s no archetypes and there are more traits. Chapter 3 gives us the GM section, and chapter four gives us some locations for the game.
I know there are other games out there in the genre, but you can’t beat this for quick creation and turn around time.

I read that it’s specifically designed to bring a spaghetti western flavor to the gaming table. I’d never heard of spaghetti westerns before this.

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Yes, in the style of Sergio Leone and Clint Eastwood.

Make three coffins.

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