Tiny Gods

Another of the mini-games put out by Gallant Knight Games. 55 pages of goodness. GKG put out a series of games like this they felt needed to be made, but didn’t think needed to be a major game (like Tiny Frontiers, Dungeons, or Supers). They’re a bit of niche genre games that deserve some love, but are too niche specific (too a degree) to warrant a full-size rulebook with micro-setting. As of 12/4/2023, the prices are: $6.99 for the pdf, $9.99 for the softcover, $14.99 for the hardcover, with combos currently $1 more.
Added in the Tiny D6 rules of this game is the idea of Conviction points. PCs start with 1d3 Conviction and recover 1d3 Conviction Points to a max of 9 points. Where this differs from other Tiny D6 games is in setting creation. The GM and PCs go through 4 Epochs of creation. as in inspiration, creation, war, and destruction of the world before the PCs create their demigods and play in the world created.
This is another great game. I think it would work as a one-off or a short campaign, or at least a longer campaign of one or two offs in between your major games. In my opinion, Gallant Knight Games puts out some pretty solid games, and tries to service as many genres as possible in a minimalistic way. This also says nothing about the publishers who operate under the Tiny D6 License (which GKG currently owns).

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