Tiny Cthulhu Gallant Knight Games

This will be a look at the Kickstarter bundle I backed for $40, as well as the game itself. I was unable to find 2 of the items on DTRPG, but the game (as of 12/8/2022) $17.99 for the PDF, $24.99 for the softbound, $29.99 for the combo, with hardcover being $10 more.
The Sister of Yhanith’lei is $3.99 (in comparison, I received a print version as well as PDF in the Kickstarter). I was unable to find a price for the August’s Kisses mini-adventure zine and the GM Screen. I checked DTRPG and the GKG website. As a bonus, the Yukon Dark micro-setting (not part of the Kickstarter, but was the setting for the actual play on YouTube on the GKG page) is $4.99 for the PDF. Also included in the Kickstarter was a set of glow in the dark 19 mm (I believe) 3d6.
If not familiar with Tiny D6, the quick version goes like this: rules light system where you roll 2d6 on a normal test (3 with advantage, 1 with disadvantage) and if any of the dice come up as a 5 or 6, you succeed. Most weapons deal 1 point damage.
It does start, of course, with how to play, which covers a whole 17 pages. Some other rule highlights: you get 2 actions every turn, which you can use to attack 2x, move 2x, or one attack and one move. Light weapons do 1 point damage, heavy weapons 2.
Investigator creation is next and just as streamlined at 15 pages. You select an archetype, 3 traits, select a weapon group to be a proficient in, a trade, and a belief. Each archetype has its own HP amount, its own Corruption threshold, and skills. Explorer, Writer, and Mystic are some of the available archetypes.
The GM section is the longest section of the book at about 76 pages. It includes rules on how to add some noir and pulp to the setting as well. Also included is a mythos section.
The book includes 10 micro-settings. They are pre-generated settings that stack on top of the core rules. One micro-setting you play as high school students and have to figure things out without adult assistance. Another takes place on Mars. There’s enough variety between regular rules and micro-settings to find a campaign niche.
The GM Screen, as per it being a GM Screen, has everything you need to reference quickly and is smaller than one would expect. The rule book is digest size, as are the micro-adventures, and the GM Screen is smaller than that.
August’s Kisses is a 13 page zine style adventure. In the adventure, you need to find out who is leaving local students pale in true vampire style.
The other adventure adventure involves a professor claiming to have found evidence of a settlement in Massachusetts hundreds, if not thousands, of years before Columbus. Cosmic horror ensues.
On a Kickstarter level, the bang for the buck is above par by a lot, considering everything received in print was also delivered in PDF. I also received some PDFs as stretch goals that were printer friendly. If you’re looking for a rules light cosmic horror setting, this is it.

https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLLFcyvRAGQY22mipcySRCuAqBFXIQGxcD 12 episode actual play
https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLyswa3tbWAlTudA4oS5FN6lwOyxTjQcK4 2 part actual play