The Way the Universe Works

I am hyper prepared. The adventure is complete with key and map. Printed and bound. All the NPCs have full sheets. Ready to go with a week before the game. Time to start the next one.

This of course means that this coming Saturday the game will not happen. It is just the way the universe works. I’m so prepared that the next two sessions will likely get missed.

It’s like the incantation to make something go away.
1: Declare the Item important and something you do not wish to lose.
2: Put it some place sensible.
#: The item has been banished from the physical world. You will never see it again.

However, if you ever decide you need it and buy another, you will undo the banishment and you will have two.

All the NPCs? They met and have joined forces with a second party. Yes I’m passing them out. I’m not running 7 NPCs and GMing.

May your prediction have Murphy’s law Murphy itself and the best possible outcome occurs instead!

You know that never works. :wink:

Well… on occasion that really has happened in my experiences and studies. So it was sincerely meant, though I take your meaning. After all my group session has been cancelled what… 3 times in a row now, lol.

I’m also one of those practical glass-is-always-full types and not one of those half-full or half-empty self- deluding types. After all, it’s completely full of water and/or air, which is plainly obvious, yet so many ignore facts in favor of their personal viewpoint!

For some reason I get called a lot of names, but I’m not sure what that’s about, heheh.

I try for an objective viewpoint. It’s impossible of course, but you try to see reality as it is. Wishful thinking, ignoring the problem and such tactics get you nothing positive. The light on the dashboard will not go out on its own.

I try and admit I’m wrong at least once a day. It keeps your perspective clear.