The **SQUEE!** is strong with this one. Highcaster 2E

So I officially received my copy of Highcaster 2E from on 6/6, which surprised me as tracking says info was sent to USPS on 6/2, but definitely not complaining. First look-through has me stoked. No more 1.0A included stuff and a bunch of new source material that is setting specific. Definitely thinking there WILL be a review coming in the next week or so, once I have a chance to read through it once or twice and compare it to 1E. As per usual, I will include as much up to date info as I can. As I type this I am also posting a comment on Kickstarter to see if CG knows when 2E is going to hit dtrpg. What I have read so far is even more epic than before, and I am sure it’ll get better. The artwork is amazeballs!!

Looking for that review.

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If I remember, I will tag you. If not, you’ll have to keep an eye out. If you got 1E, cool; if not, it’ll be new to you.