The Silent Watcher

December was cold in 1976. The temperatures had dropped below freezing in November and the snow kept falling. It would not come up until March, but we did not know that then. But the Tree was up, and we had the warmth of each other’s company, and a new toy, D&D. We huddled in the warmth of the apartment, laughing and playing, chasing away the dark of the year with Fantasy that had nothing to do with the cold. Inside we are warm, and blooming.

That time is long past. Of the people I played with then, only one is still with me, and not my wife, but and old an dear friend. The others are lost to time and tide, or even death’s cruel grip. I am old and white of hair. The pale shade outside the window looking in at the love and warmth, and remembering.

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I miss the friends I had in the games I played as a teenager.

I started gaming with a boy who would later become by step-brother.

But of the entire rest of the group of kids I played with in those early years… I can’t even remember most of their names today.

I switched high schools at 16. I DO remember the friends I made and gamed with then. But I’m only in occasional touch with a few of them, through facebook.

I remember those days fondly… but I’ve lost touch with them.

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