The Season

I suppose I need a new Christmas message. My last one was written 25 years ago and I keep recycling it. (All previously used electrons). However of late I have felt as inspired as old oatmeal. Health issues, which I am to understand just get worse from here on in, life issues, world issues, all leave me pretty flat. What uplifting message of peace on Earth can you have with Putin trying to conquer Ukraine and doing nothing but killing people? What hope for America when idiots are willing to die to deny science facts? When religious extremists want to keep people, especially children and women ignorant the better to control them? I’m not wagging a finger at the third world, I mean right here in the U S of A. (Looking at you Texas Board of “Education”)

Yea, pretty depressing. Yet somehow I have to get some kind of warmth and love going. All I can do is pull in the people that matter to me, the friends that are dear and shut out the world. All we have is each other. Sometimes I have to do with what you can.

Now, I’m going to draw the drapes on the cold (very) cruel world, cuddle my wife and eat good Scottish food.

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