The old Bewitched TV series

Musings on adapting the show’s magic rules for witches and warlocks into an RPG. Definitely not Vancian.

  • Hereditary spellcasters
  • Open-ended spells
  • Incantations
  • Potions
  • Clairvoyance & Telepathy
  • Magical diseases
  • Behavioral risks
  • The Witches Council
  • Witch laws & oaths


  1. Spell Reversal: Spells could often be reversed or undone, typically by the witch or warlock who originally cast them. This reversal was usually achieved through specific gestures or incantations.
  2. Counter-Spells: A counter-spell could be used to negate the effects of an initial spell. This could be performed by either the original spellcaster or another magically adept being.
  3. Limitations of Magic: Not all spells were easily reversible or counterable. This was particularly true for spells cast by more powerful magical beings or those involving complex magic like wishcraft.
  4. Unintended Consequences: A recurring theme, the occurrence of unintended consequences when spells were broken or countered, underscoring the unpredictability of magic.
  5. Moral and Ethical Considerations: The moral aspects of using magic hinted that some spells might be better left uncast and that reliance on magic wasn’t always the ideal solution. (mostly for mortals)
  6. Influence of Magical Beings: The hierarchy in magical abilities, spells cast by particularly powerful beings were depicted as more challenging to counter or break.