The Journal of Talaelowar Ki'yik

On the Morn of Moonday, 5th Month of the Year of the Emberhound. This morning we unexpectedly are found by Nadem. We spent the night in the town of Enrobek, and I was persuading the innkeeper about taking food up to our room to break our fast, when I was called by a familiar voice.

Most unexpected.

Nadem has the most uncanny knack of turning up at unusual, if needed times. And more, he was actually looking for us! It seems we will not have to go hire-hunting after all. Nadem has already a venture lined up, and with the local baron, no less. Serendipitous fortune, our coming this way, looking for work suited to our… ah, talents.

Finally having received a grudging and reluctant assent, I took our food, and Nadem, up to our room. My creche-sib was using his cover-cloak to polish his blades. Two at a time. I clicked and chirruped amusement at him with the special rings on my fingers that make the sounds my voice cannot. He hates having to wear the enveloping thing. Keeps threatening to ‘accidentally’ cut the cloak to shreds while polishing his numerous bladed weapons.

He clacked a rude sound back at me. Nadem jokingly commented on the unlikeliness of being mistaken for intelligent beings with a language that sounds like that. It is good to be with our friend.

Nadem recounted the details. He had been working with two others for some time now. He met them shortly after we last parted ways. It seems that they are skilled and able individuals, and he is enthusiastic in his descriptions. It passes recently that many raids by giant-kin have occurred in the duchy, but only in this duchy.

In a typical example of the local politics, none of the neighboring barons are willing to send reinforcements lest they should be “weakened and suddenly attacked”. Those who have sent help… somewhat, have sent only token forces, and rather poor ones at that.

Chapter One: An Unexpected Beginning…

The duke, in short, looked to find some brave (that is, foolhardy) souls who are willing to track to the lair and beard the giant-kin in the den, so to speak. With the help of myself and my creche-sib, Nadem feels that we could accomplish this task.

Our share of the reward would be enough to see us far on our quest, if well rationed. The hope, the longing, the unseen end. Will it ever be fulfilled, the quest won? I feel auspicious tinglings concerning this opportunity. But I must consult with Pik before we tell Nadem yea or nae…