The Inn of the Last Rose

In the waning days of the Second War of the Undying King, when the nation of West Felicia was laid to waste so that no living thing could abide, the last thing out of the pass through the Laughing Dragon Mountains was a carriage laden with a few pitiful survivors pulled by six dead horses.

The driver of that carriage was a dark man and his fey woman. They, tis said, found a ruined inn, or caused one to be made. Here they settled in the mouth of the pass. Herein they dispense aid and comfort to all that come, to this very day – five generations later.

The Inn of the Last Rose is a location still in my game some 30+ years ago in real time. It was created by my late wife and I. In going over the books I found the map drawn for the location. The paper is worn and tattered falling apart as old, cheap paper does, but she had drawn a sign for the Inn. The picture above is my pastiche of that one inch by one inch drawing done on cheap graph paper.

I have to preserve that little drawing. I took a picture of it, my scanner being broken at this time. I buried the whole weekend into it. The results are above. Sometimes the memories really matter. Sometimes…the memories are all that is left.

Damn I put that in the wrong place.

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