The Hero's Journey 2nd Edition James M Spahn #3


Adventures and Interludes
This is a good addition to a great game. The book shows a price on DTRPG of $9.99 for the PDF, $20.74 for the softbound version, and $25.74 for the combo as of 12/7/2022.
The difference between an adventure and an interlude is interludes are 1 session, while adventures encompass multiple sessions. Each chapter includes everything needed: history, supporting characters, and conflicts. There is enough of a variety to keep things interesting, and some that are familiar (something about beans and golden eggs).
The Bestiary includes states for all the creatures in the book, allowing for you to use them in your usual Legendarium.
Heirlooms are also included, as well as a new aspect.

Of Beasts Brave and True
New zine style book, new lineages. You can now play as a destrier (a knight’s horse), or alternately as a unicorn. There’s a prowler, initially listed as a cat (or with permission a fox, weasel, or other small mammal). Lastly, there’s the windkin, and includes raven, parrot, and eagle. With permission, you can also play a variant which is a phoenix. As always, lineage lineage abilities and archetype limitations are shown.
More new heirlooms are included as well, and more creatures for your menagerie. There are also new professions, equipment, and a new swordsman variant: the pugilist.
For its size (about 45 pages), it’s good value. The PDF runs $4.99, the softbound $8.99, and combo $9.99 as of 12/7/2022.

By Feather and Coop
Just received this in PDF (12/7/2022) from Gallant Knight Games (who acted as publisher for James Spahn and Barrel Rider Games), so it’s not officially for sale yet. Set at 20 pages, its main input is about the bantam, or as the title suggests, a chicken. It is admittedly (from the introduction) designed to be a little tongue-in-cheek, as RPG’s are supposed to be enjoyable and be able to include some humor. There are a couple new heirlooms and whatnot that expand the world a little more.

UPDATE: Got the physical copy about a week ago (it apparently had originally shipped a while back and I never received it, but an email to GKG fixed that). On DTRPG (as of 3/20/2023), they only list the PDF available, and it shows a price of $4.99.