The Hero’s Journey 2nd Edition James M Spahn #4

So these were just released on pdf, and not sure at this point if will be released in print, but guessing it will.

Chapter one introduces a new character type: the Bucca. It’s all about the GOAT, or rather, the goat. They are best as Rangers, able to hit level 5, with burglar, wayfarer, and yeoman, their lowest at level 3. Bard, knight, swordsman, and wizard are non-choices for Bucca Archetypes.
Chapter 2 adds a new apprentice spell: Curse of the Krampus, and chapter 3 adds more creatures to the menagerie, including: big bad wolf, and Krampus.
Chapter 4 adds a couple new optional rules, while chapter 5 adds new aspects and heirlooms.

“It’s all about the BADGER…MAN”
Yes, it’s all about the badger. They can hit level 7 as Yeoman, 5 as Ranger, 4 as Warrior, and 3 as burglar and wayfarer. Song of the River Maiden is the new spell, and is another apprentice level one. Green Man and River Maiden are in the Menagerie this time.
Again there are other optional rulesas well as new aspects and heirlooms.