The Dean

I’m going to talk about myself for a moment, because for me this is big.

Last December I was a very sick man. Doctors told me that I was “weeks” away from dying of septicemia. I spent a week in the hospital being pumped full of IV antibiotics, and most important, I lost the big and index toes on my right foot. Diabetes is a bitch, even if you do everything right, it takes you apart.

The doctor did not have enough sound flesh to cover the wound, I had a gaping hole in my foot half the size of your palm. I went through thrice weekly bandages changes, 60 days of hyperbaric treatments, Months of the wound vacuum, a literal ball and chain 24/7, yes even to bed.

Yesterday my doctor discharged the case. After 53 weeks of grind the wound is finally healed. I lost a year to this monster, not to mention two toes.

So my balance is wobbly, you need that big toe. However I’m alive to post this, I don’t have a bandage on my foot. I’m free of that particular monkey. Now to get the rest of the circus off my back.

Thank you for your time.


Wow @tesral , that’s a heck of a lot that you’ve gone through. I’m glad your wound finally healed.

My daughter has diabetes and I worry about her every day.

Glad you were able to finally heal the wound. Sounds like a hellish ordeal indeed. Good luck in getting the rest of the circus off your back!

Glad to hear you are through the worst of it. Getting old can be a real bitch.

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It beats the alternative. :wink:

Prayers and hopes for recovery, successful adjustment to new circumstances, long life, and good health sent your way @tesral !